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New Products for 2015

Rock n' Surf

  • Two colours to choose from; the tried and tested “bleeding pilchard” with its red/blue/silver combo, and the “blinky” with its hot pink/blue combo

  • Each fly is topped with a soft, long-life lumo bead which is great for fishing at night, or in deeper water giving your hook that added attraction

  • ​These rigs are ideal for a range of species including snapper, salmon (kahawai), flathead and tarakihi

  • Developed for use from the rocks, beach or wharves, they are also effective fishing “straight up and down” from boats. Just put a small strip of bait on each hook, attach a suitable weight, and you’re ready to cast
  • IGFA legal for tournament use or record claims

  • 3/0 suicide hooks rigged on 60lb Tough Trace 

  • Black Magic flasher rigs are assembled and packaged in New Zealand, incorporating the best components, ensuring a quality product so you get the best results


Large Fishing Pliers

  • Opens split rings

  • Cuts braid and heavy mono cleanly

  • Anodised aluminium handles

  • Weigh under 180gm

  • Stainless steel jaws

  • Hardened tungsten steel cutters

  • The handles feature a rubberised strip making them far more comfortable to use and less likely to slip in the hand.
  • Pouch and lanyard included

  • Not suitable for hook removal or cutting wire


Compact Fishing Pliers

  • Opens split rings

  • Tungsten steel cutters positioned on the outside of the head make for easier access 

  • ​Slices through braid and mono with ease

  • Suitable for lines up to 0.80 in diameter

  • Handles feature a rubberised strip making them comfortable to use and less likely to slip

  • Weight 123gm

  • Stainless steel jaws are the best tool for opening smaller to medium split rings

  • Hardened tungsten steel cutters

  • Pouch and lanyard included

  • Two colours: gun or blue

  • Not suitable for hook removal or cutting wire


Pearl Grub Spinsect®

  • New Pearl Grub colour added to our enticing Spinsect® range of spinners

  • Spinsect® lures are ideal for a range of species but they are particularly well suited for flathead, bream, trout and salmon

  • They have a unique blade that spins on a ball bearing swivel which helps to prevent line twist, but it also creates a very enticing action

  • Despite their small size, their body weight makes them ideal for casting and retrieving. Choose between either a 6gm or 12gm weight

  • The lure sports a strong, sharp treble hook matched to the individual lures size

  • Spinsects come in an array of colours to suit your particular fishing conditions


Lumo Squidly

  • Rigged with three soft squid lures, it is similar to others on the market, but Black Magic has made sure that this one is a ‘cut above’ by using better quality raw materials

  • ​Each squid is rigged on a strong hook to suit tougher fighting fish

  • Rigged with 80lb trace

  • A range of five great colours

  • Perfect for a wide variety of fish species


Jellybean® 5 Packs

  • Jellybeans are now available in packs of 5

  • Our Japanese produced freshwater J6 fly hooks, which are “built in” to the Jellybean, are both strong and sharp.

  • With their paddle tails, Jellybeans have a spectacular and enticing swimming action. 

  • The range of six natural colours incorporated with their transparent bodies makes these a very attractive “meal” for hungry fish

  • They are an excellent option for jigging or fly fishing in lakes and rivers.

  • 5cm long (1.96 inches)



About Us

The Black Magic and Wasabi range of tackle and accessories is the result of years of research and development. With over 500 products, we have something for every angler whether you are “mad keen” or just like to get out when you can.

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