5x New Colours Added to the BMAX 60 Lure Range

5x New Colours Added to the BMAX 60 Lure Range2018-07-11T15:30:32+13:00

Project Description

5x new colours in Black Magic BMAX lure range

The original Black Magic BMax 60 hard bodied lures have been out for a couple of seasons now and in that time, they have built up a good following on both sides of the Tasman.  Generally, that’s been focused around freshwater fishing but they’ve also had some success with saltwater anglers.

Like the name suggests the lure is 60mm in length and comes sporting two treble hooks.  It’s a floating lure but when you tighten up on it, it dives down 1.2-1.8 metres.  It’s got a great wiggling action too, which you can see below…

Black Magic BMAX 60 lure fast action

Fast retrieve action.

Black Magic BMAX 60 lure slow action

Slow retrieve action.

Some prefer not to have two treble hooks in the setup, so feel free to experiment with single lure hooks.  Blair Whiting from the Hawkes Bay found there was no negative impact on the balance of the lure and it still swam well…and it caught fish.  He gives a good demonstration on how he likes to rig and on this video…

When first introduced, there were five colour options.  Fans of the lure will be stoked to know the range has been increased to 10 colours, again with a mostly freshwater flavour, and some of them have great UV content for added attraction.  If you want to see that up close, hold them under one of Black Magic’s UV torches or some other source of UV light.

Keen South Island angler, Dylan Booth has already given them a crack with good success.  Get a look at the action below…

The other thing about the BMax lures is that they’re great value.  You’ll find them in the $10-$12 range when many similar styled lures are $15 or more.

Give them a go.  We doubt you’ll be disappointed!