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Project Description

Black Magic Flipper Jigs

Many of you who use Black Magic products might recognise us as having a strong history in developing tackle suited to bait fishing.  It’s also true though that we have a great range of lures including our metal jigs ranging from 40g up to 400g.  These include our smaller Flutter jigs, our more “solid” Knife jigs and our super sleek profile Deepwater Slim jigs.

We like to keep an eye on trends and this season we have introduced what we think is probably our most innovative saltwater jig – the Flipper jig.  At first glance, its shape is particularly interesting featuring a solid weighted tail end with a front half dominated by a large “scooped” area on one side.  This unique shape means the jig has an enticing action as it sinks, but the scooped face makes the movement during retrieval even more dynamic – darting from side to side with each pull.ns.

Whether around workups or simply drift fishing, this jig can be used for “bottom bouncing” or with a more typical mechanical jigging style.  When drifting with a sea anchor, they have proved particularly effective on snapper where the angler casts them ahead of the boat with most of the strikes coming as the jig swings through the bottom of the drift.  The 80g and 100g versions work particularly well on a spin set up with this method.  Try them with our 8kg SSP Fibre Glide with 20-40lb fluorocarbon.  We believe this makes for an easier but longer distance cast, which is useful when fishing in over 30 metres of depth.

Flipper jigs come in 60g, 80g, 100g, 150g and 200g.  Currently, there are 4 colours: pink stripe, blue stripe, black/silver and orange stripe.  All jigs have some level of lumo in their finish for that extra attraction in deeper water.  Rather than our traditional single assist hook, Flipper jigs have two smaller hooks rigged on Kevlar thread – strong, sharp and effective.

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Gary Richardson from Hirepool caught this nice snapper on the 150gm Flipper Jig when tackle testing with the Fishing & Adventure team.