Project Description

Black Magic Flipper and Flutter Jigs imitate wounded baitfish and switch on a predators instincts faster than you can say “fish on!”. They’re simply used – if you’re drifting, cast them in the direction of your drift… if you’re anchored, cast them up current to give the jig time to sink to the bottom before being directly underneath you. Once you feel the bottom, wind in 1-3m and then drop back down again.  Repeat this bottom bouncing until the jig has moved down the current past your boat.  Then wind in and repeat the process.

Bottom Bouncing Illustration Guide

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Handy Tip…

When you’re drifting too fast to fish effectively, deploy a ‘sea anchor’ or ‘drogue’. This will slow down your drift. Read more on these here.

What to expect…

When fished correctly, these jigs will catch the BIG snapper as well as kingfish and other predatory species that don’t hesitate to hoover down a wounded baitfish.  Check out these recent catches on the Black Magic Flipper and Flutter Jigs…

Flipper Jigs

Available in sizes 60g – 200g and a range of highly enticing colours all incorporating lumo stripes or spots.  Try them today!

Flipper Jig Size Chart

flipper jig size chart

Flipper Jig Colour Chart

flipper jig colour chart
flipper jigs black magic

Flutter Jigs

Available in sizes 40g – 100g (with their bigger brothers a.k.a the ‘Knife Jigs’ available in 150g – 400g). They also come in a complete range of highly enticing colours all incorporating lumo stripes or bellies.  Give them a go!

Flutter Jig Size Chart

flutter jig size chart
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