Project Description

best surfcasting hook KLt

Greg Gilbert is a “die-hard surf caster from the south”.  He’s also the appointed Club Captain for the newly formed Canterbury Surfcasting Club in the South Island of New Zealand, so we thought he was the perfect person to review our new KLT hooks in the surf.  This is what he had to say…

I target mainly lemon fish, elephant fish, moki, gurnard and other various sharks.  I also spend a little time fishing the fresh but salt is where my heart lies.  I was asked to check out the new hooks by Black Magic Tackle, the KLT, and on initial inspection, I knew that I was holding a winning piece of kit.  Firstly, the packet deserves a mention, it was very eye catching which just got me excited.  The hooks…well, they’re sharp as hell (just ask my finger) and the PTFE coating on them gave me a good feeling!  I was eager to pin these hooks through a bait and cast them into the surf.

Being a Canterbury surfcaster, the main bait we use is the good old paddle crab.  They’re a tough bait, which means that no matter the hook, you will eventually lose the sharpness of its point.   In the past, I’ve been pretty fussy and use a lot of hooks as I feel the sharper the hook the better the hook-up rate!   To be honest, my favourite hook to date has been the Black Magic KL, but the KLT hooks are something different!  In the few months that I’ve been giving the KLT’s a bash, they’re still as sharp as they were fresh out the packet.  I’ve been able to use them for multiple trips which is a big advantage in regard to value for money!

about to cast a bait into surf
waiting for a bite on the beach when surfcasting

My most used rig, which I tie for 75% of my surfcasting is the single hook ledger rig…plain, simple and easy to tie.  Hook size just varies depending on my target.  When I target smaller mouth fish such as moki and elephant fish, I use a smaller hook & conversely when targeting larger fish such as tope I go larger.  I match my hook size up with Black Magic Supple Trace, again the line weight depends on my target.

great surfcasting rig with bait ready to cast

I have to admit I’m a shocker, as after my days fishing I generally just chuck my used traces in the chilly bin for the next trip!  Usually this ends up with the hooks being rusty and having to be thrown away.  But, not with these bad boys.  After a few trips these hooks had only just slightly started to dull, whereas other hooks had severe colour loss and were going a rusty.  This proved to me that the KLT coating does exactly what it says it will – provide rust resistance and extend the hooks point life.

close up of South Island surf beach

With my South Island surf season only just getting underway, I know I’ll be able to confidently fish these hooks and an extra bonus is that I can do this without worrying too much about gut hooking fish.  I like to release 90% of my catch for another day as it’s not always about catching a feed, some days just being there is what matters.  The KLT hooks have caught fish in the corner of the mouth every time.  So my message to surf casters is clear, try these hooks ASAP, you’ll be happy you did!

seven 7 gill shark caught on south island beach

The writer, Greg Gilbert with a seven-gilled shark caught from the surf.

Greg Gilbert with a nice Elephant fish caught with Black Magic Tackle

The Elephant fish is a rare and prized catch for most anglers.  Greg caught this specimen in the surf last year on a KL hook.