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dartspin softbait range trevally soft plastic fishing lure the best

As part of our partnership with Patrick Sébile’s new company, A Band of Anglers, we have released a new soft lure called Dartspin.

Super bite resistance…

Dartspin lures are a pre-moulded soft lure made from the latest generation of soft stretchy materials – what Patrick terms as Hyperlastic.  The first thing you notice about this lure is its elasticity.  But the standout feature is that it has far superior bite resistance when compared to other soft plastic type lures.  During testing on snapper, alongside alternative soft baits, the Dartspin lures lasted a full day with only minimal bite damage.  The alternatives needed to be changed 3-4 times during the same period.  This makes the Dartspin excellent value for money.

Spinning blade…

When you first see the Dartspin, the thing that stands out is the spinning leaf blade at the tail.  This feature makes the lure much more visible to fish than a soft bait alone due to the consistent flashing.  The blade spins on a swivel and to make sure it doesn’t break away from the lure, its attached to a spring that’s pre-moulded into the tail of the Dartspin.

dartspin softbait range soft plastic fishing lure the best

Moulded hook slots for easy rigging…

Another advantage of the hyperplastic material is that it has allowed slots to be moulded into the body, making hook placement easier – none of that poking the hook into the soft plastic and feeding it through, hoping that it comes out at the right place.  It’s quick and easy to fit or remove the hook without tearing the lure.

The range…

Dartspin lures come in two styles – the Dartspin and the Dartspin Pro.

  • Dartspin5.5” length, currently ranged in 7 “injected” colours, this version comes in a 2-pack ready to be rigged on traditional jig heads or alternative hooks you choose.
  • Dartspin Pro5.5” length, currently ranged in 4 colours, each with a “painted” finish, this version comes one per pack and is rigged on a weedless worm hook weighted to 1/8 oz.

Both styles feature colours with high UV content for increased attraction.

In the future both lures will also be available in 3.5″, 4.5″, 7.5″ and 9.5″.

dartspin rigging options how to rig jig heads soft plastics weedless

How to fish the Dartspin…

These lures work in both freshwater and saltwater applications – barra, cod, bass, snapper, kingfish and more.  How you rig them will depend on the fishing conditions, particularly depth, drift speed or current.

In shallow water, less weight is required, and a lightly weighted hook like the one that comes with the Dartspin Pro is ideal.  As you get deeper, you’ll want to up the weight.  If you’re drifting, make sure the drift is slow.  We believe the blades spin at a better and more attractive speed in these conditions.  Use a drogue if you have to.  Wind against tide will also help keep the drift slow.

Be prepared to experiment depending on where you are fishing.  You can attach these to traditional jig heads, lumo or plain ball sinkers on the nose, spinner baits, or any other set up you can affix a soft lure to.

You can “work” the lure too, particularly in shallower water – get it weaving and darting.

Dartspins are available in tackle stores now, so give them a try.

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