NEW & Improved Snatcher Range

NEW & Improved Snatcher Range2018-09-14T15:24:57+12:00

Project Description

Black Magic’s flasher rigs had a bit of a renaissance last season.  For starters, all the rigs in this range are now simply known as “Snatchers”.  On top of that and in answer to many customer requests, some of their most popular colours saw an expansion in the hook sizes available.  The iconic Snapper Snatcher original now has a 4/0 KL hook to compliment the existing 5/0, 6/0 and 8/0.  Likewise, the Snapper Snatcher pinky now comes in a 6/0 and 8/0 option as well.

Just some of the latest range of Black Magic Snatcher rigs

Similar changes have occurred to other colours like the sunset, saury and bleeding pilchard.  Probably the real standout though was the introduction of the Snapper Snatcher super lumo.  It’s still hand rigged in New Zealand; it still uses Black Magic tough trace and the flies are tied on Black Magic’s Japanese made KL hooks.  What’s exciting is the colour combination.  Made from two shades of high UV luminous flash, it glows like you wouldn’t believe – even in deeper water – making it extremely attractive to hungry fish.

Rigs made with the KL circle hooks are great for all anglers from beginners to experts given their ability to “self-hook” the fish.  But if you’re a fan of striking when the fish bites, you’ll be pleased with the expansion of rigs tied on suicide hooks.  The Snapper Whackers, which are all rigged with super sharp C Point hooks, are now available in 7/0 as well as the existing 5/0 size.  There’s a new colour too – chartreuse and red – which will have a strong following amongst Snatcher fans.

The new colours and sizes are available now in all good tackle stores.