The NEW Snapper Snack – The Ultimate Combo of Lure & Rig

The NEW Snapper Snack – The Ultimate Combo of Lure & Rig2018-11-15T14:25:50+12:00

Project Description

Our range of rigs has long been recognised as market leaders.  From the iconic Snatcher range (flasher rigs) to the Bait Catchers, Squidlys, Hook A Puka and much more, our rigs have caught 100s of trophy fish over the last two decades.

Now with the growing popularity in slow jigging, we have gone back to the drawing board and worked to innovate a new style of rig to become the ultimate combination of lure and rig.  The tackle testing has been spectacular and we are now proud to introduce to you, the NEW Snapper Snack!,

Black Magic Snapper Snack

The Snapper Snack rig is modelled off the reliable Snatcher rig, so it is a two hook ledger style rig, but with key upgrades which make it truly stand out.  The first thing to note is that there’s a skirt on each hook which is a combination of rubber “silly legs” and long tails, much like you see on many slow jigs.  These give a very enticing action in the water particularly when you lift the rod tip, slow wind or simply when there’s current flowing.  Each skirt combination is either luminous or high in terms of UV content.  There’s also a highly effective luminous tube over the eye of each hook, adding to the attraction.

Secondly, it’s rigged on the new non-offset KLT hook which has a PTFE coating.  This not only assists penetration, but it means the hooks last longer due to higher corrosion resistance.  They are a step up in strength too and anglers can choose between KLT3/0 or KLT5/0 hooks.  These hooks are self-hooking, so the rigs are going to be great for all anglers, from the young and new to the experienced and mad keen.

The results during tackle testing of the NEW Black Magic Snapper Snack were simply outstanding.

The best results to date have come when a small strip of bait is applied, this adds scent while the skirts do the rest (learn more here). During tackle testing the Snapper Snacks have impressed anglers on both sides of the Tasman and so we’re confident that these rigs will fish extremely well for you on your boat, or wharf or even in the surf.

Snapper Snacks will be available this November in 5 colours – Pinky, Chartreuse, Tiger, Bleeding Pilly and Super Lumo.

Ask for them at your nearest Black Magic stockist today!

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