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The iconic Black Magic flasher rig, a.k.a. ‘Snatcher’ does suffer an identity crisis. Is it a lure, is it a bait rig? It is of course both. Used to full effectiveness it appeals to a fish’s sight, smell and taste.

The skill level required to use this rig successfully is not high at all. Like all fishing, finding the fish first is key. Once found, this weapon can be deployed by the most novice of anglers including the youngest on board. The other good news is that the angler is able to present multiple baits on each drop. A clear advantage if fishing for a feed during a short bite period.

two fish at one on snapper snatcher

Whether you’ve tried the range before, or are keen to give them a go this season, read these tips and tricks…

How to fish with Black Magic flasher rigs (11 quick tips)…

1) Hook choice – recurve or suicide hooks?

General rule: stiff rod=suicide hooks. Integrated tip technology (bendy rod) = recurve KL hooks. Depths over 30 meters = recurve KL hooks.

different style of snapper snatcher flasher rig

2) Drift first, anchor second…

Fish like sideways moving baits when fired up to feed, especially in summer months. Drifting covers more ground and tends to turn on the slightly larger fish too. One problem when drifting is the roll to the boat which many anglers get sick of. Once the fish are found, deploy an anchor for more comfort and hold the fish in your area with berley.

3) Sinker knot and sinker position on flasher rigs…

Tie the knot close to the bottom hook as snapper are bottom feeders. The bottom hook will often be the first to get ‘hit’. Use a loop or granny knot to thread around your sinker, this will make it easier to switch should wind/tide change.

4) Be prepared for big fish and multiple species with flasher rigs…

Although the Black Magic Snatcher rigs are quick to catch a lot of pan-sized snapper, they’re also irresistible for a vast amount of species, including large predatory fish such as kingfish. Should these large fish turn up, make sure you’re ready with a well suited mainline and rod/reel combo. We’re not saying to fish with 50lb braid and lock your drag system. We suggest you fish these rigs with a balanced rod and reel spooled with 8-12kg mainline. This will give you enough play to land your trophy snapper, kingfish or other large specimens when they hook up.

5) Freshly caught baits are best…

It’s often easy enough to catch fresh baitfish if you’re in a half-decent spot. Just drop over a Black Magic or Wasabi Bait sabiki with small baits and let them sink to the bottom…If you’re lucky you should start catching baitfish soon. Cutting these fish into small chunks or strips to use as bait on your flasher rig will be deadly. Shop bought bait is ok too, just avoid bait which has thawed out and been refrozen.

6) Don’t overload your hook…

The point of the hook should be well exposed allowing easy penetration into your quarry’s mouth.

bait on snapper snatcher flasher rig

Doubling up on bait is a great method so long as you leave the hook’s barb well exposed.

7) After hook up…

Once a fish is hooked, sometimes if you leave it down there for 5-10 seconds, another fish will jump on the other hook. Be careful though, as the first one may get away. Note: Our Terakihi Terror and Terakihi Terminator Snatcher’s are three hook rigs. Give yourself a pat on the back if you can catch a full set of fish on these rigs.

full set on one fishing rig flasher rig

8) Keep your Snatcher rig’s foam holder…

Each Black Magic Snatcher is wrapped around a sabiki foam holder before packaging. Don’t throw it away. They are a very handy storage tool for your rig. Simply wash your rig down under freshwater once finished with, dry it in the sun and then wind it back around the foam holder. If looked after, you will get several trips out of the one rig.

9) Charge up the UV and lumo…

Giving the lumo bead and flasher skirts a charge with a UV Torch will add to the attractiveness of this rig, especially when fishing in low light or deep water. Make sure you have a UV torch handy, as they are a secret little weapon which will help you outperform other anglers on any given day.

glowing UV lumo snapper snatcher flasher rigs

10) Surfcasting with Black Magic Snatchers…

If using this rig off a surf beach, which is highly recommended, use a wired sand grip sinker to hold your rig firmly in the turbulent conditions. Utilising Black Magic’s Bait Buddy (Bait cotton) will also help keep softer baits on the hook, e.g. tuatuas or pilchard pieces.

11) Bomb the rig with berley…

Black Magic’s Berley Buddy unit can be used effectively above this rig. This unit dispenses berley just above the rig. Simply fill with pellet berley and thread your mainline through…Get ready, as this fires the fish up big time!

berley buddy rig on flasher rig

Have your very own berley trail right above your bait…Use it as a float and indicator at the surface or remove the floats and use it for midwater or bottom fishing.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyer beware when choosing your flasher rigs:

Since the release of the original Black Magic Snapper Snatcher range, a lot of copies have appeared on the market. Most of these are cheap imitations rigged offshore and therefore have no grasp on quality control. They catch the angler, but do they catch and hold trophy fish? Many people have tried to answer that question by trying the vast variety of flasher rigs out there but they soon come full circle to the original Black Magic range due to our consistent level of quality.

john dory on snapper snatcher flasher rig

“You guys make the best flasher rigs out there… I’ve tried the rest and yours are the best. Keep it up!” – Desmond Royd Young

All Black Magic Snatcher rigs / flasher rigs, whatever you want to call them, are hand-rigged in NZ, by a skilled and trained team. Each batch is then tested on our machines to ensure maximum strength and performance before being released to market.

snapper snatcher being tested

To sum up…

The Snatcher range is and always will be a favourite ‘go to’ style of fishing for many anglers. Over the years we have received literally 1000s of photos of fish caught on these rigs and loads of great feedback.

Please use and enjoy the above tips to improve your success with Black Magic Snatchers and if you have time, read the below story from our rep, JT…

“That won’t work…” A number of years ago, local Bay of Islands ‘legend’, Phil Andrews had taken me to all his hotspots after work in Paihia. We’d thrown all manner of baits and lures at the fish but had come up blank. The tide was changing so my final throw of the dice was the humble Black Magic flasher rig. Very rarely does it fail and given the toughness of the conditions, I knew that it was a very viable option. Phil scowled at me. Being a purist, he frowned at the use of a flasher rig…probably because he knew deep down how effective they are. No sooner had the rig touched the bottom, the bites started. While he sat there playing with his freshly butterflied jack mackerel, my rod loaded up and the drought that we’d been having was over! For me anyway. A few minutes later, a magnificent snapper hit the deck as did the jaw of my fishing buddy. I believe it was the combination of flasher skirt and bait which proved irresistible for this experienced predator. Sometimes, appealing to one sense, be it sight, smell or taste is not enough to do the trick. Fish with Black Magic Snatcher rigs and fresh bait to cover your bases and increase your chances.”


jeremy troup with nice snapper caught with snapper snatcher

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