Project Description

Leigh Holtsbaum is an experienced angler, based in Queensland, Australia. We tasked him with putting our new Hyperglide® 13x Braid through its paces, straylining off the coast of Southport in the Gold Coast.

Fisherfolk are just big kids and when you get a new toy you just can’t wait to give it a go. When I received Black Magic’s Hyperglide® 13x Braid I was very keen to see how it performed.

Testing out 20 and 30lb lines, I was extremely pleased with the performance of the braid. It ticked all the boxes for knot strength, sensitivity, streamline and casting ability.

I was very pleased also with the lack of wind knots and slippage off the real which can be problematic when casting light weights and also when trying to get as much line on the spool as possible.

I loaded the 20lb 300m braid onto a Shimano Stradic 4000 and the 30lb 300m spool onto a Shimano Sustain 5000. The spools were a perfect fit for each reel. Tying a Bimini Twist to create a double line was easy and the knot pulled down tight with minimal bulk. Connecting Black Magic Fluorocarbon leader using a reverse Albright knot was very easy and smooth creating a quality knot with great strength that ran easily through the guides.

The round structure of the braid reduces drag in the water and through the guides which is perfect for straylining or floatlining as its known in Australia. Whilst testing out the braid I was fishing in 40-50m of water I was able to fish whole pilchard bait using minimal weight of ¼ – ½ oz to get the bait into the strike zone. I also found the length and smoothness of the cast was excellent as I prefer to cast the baits away from the boat in various directions to cover more area.

The sensitivity of the line was great and you could feel every little touch of the bait. Using a pair of snelled 5/0 C POINT® hooks on 20lb Black Magic Fluorocarbon leader the early morning session provided a couple of pan sized Snapper and Moses Perch with a welcome Jewfish that put it to the test around some solid bottom structure.

As the sun got up in the sky I moved into some shallow water and drifted a few live Yellowtail Scad around the port entrance for some Jewfish. Fishing live baits was awesome as I could feel the moment the bait started to get agitated as a Jewfish came to inspect the bait. Settle the hooks was a breeze and it didn’t take long to have a couple of nice fish in the esky.

Black Magic’s Hyperglide® 13x Braid certainly gets the nod of approval from me.