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tackle testing hooks in the gulf of mexico

Sometimes a trip away from the hustle and bustle of the office provides the best opportunity to do a bit of tackle testing.  That was certainly the case for Black Magic’s Steve and Denise Newland during a recent trip to the ICAST tackle show in Florida.  Along the way, they were able to fit in a little fishing and product testing out from Venice, Louisiana.

It was also a great chance to catch up with the guys at The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company, a charter company who are big fans of the Black Magic Equalizer gimbal and harness system.  They run 7 boats, and all are fitted out with the Black Magic stand up gear. And it proved to be the perfect time to test out the soon to be released “KLT” hook.

The Mexican Gulf Fishing Company wastes no time getting to the fish with these serious vessels!

They met up with Captain Kevin Beach at the dock in Venice on a slightly drizzly morning.  Climbing aboard a 39-foot Freeman, sporting three Mercury 350 engines across the stern they blasted their way out into the Gulf of Mexico, only stopping to catch live baits at the mouth of the Mississippi delta.  The weather cleared, and although it was pretty warm, there was enough breeze to keep things comfortable.

To find the “action” in the gulf, you head for the oil wells.  These working rigs look like skyscrapers and generally prove to be a great fish magnet.  The first two resulted in a mix of barracuda and sharks with a bit of gear loss so the decision was made to head to another well.  Much to everyone’s joy, there were yellowfin tuna busting out of the water and smashing bait fish on the surface.

The mighty oil rig – a FAD on Steroids! – Gulf of Mexico

The decision was made to try out the new hooks – KLT 6/0’s.  They were rigged on 100lb fluorocarbon with 60lb mono main line.  With this set up, they slow trolled the live baits and Denise was on the first fish within 10 minutes.  Thankfully the Black Magic gimbal and harness was on hand and after an hour Denise landed her Yellow fin tuna estimated to be around 50kg.  Meanwhile Steve had hooked up and an hour plus later he’d landed a 45 kg tuna.  Another double hook saw a further two tuna landed weighing around 45kg each.

As a work out for the new hook, it was great news.  Those 6/0’s look pretty small, but they proved they had plenty of strength when it came to a scrap with a hard fighting yellowfin.  Tackle testing at it’s best!

“I could never have landed this Tuna without a Black Magic gimbal and harness” – Denise

A second double hook up saw Steve and Capt. Kev giving the Black Magic gimbal and harness (and KLT’s) a workout.

A second double hook up saw Steve and Capt. Kev giving the Black Magic gimbal and harness (and KLT’s) a workout.

yellowfin tuna gulf of mexico

The KLT Hook

  • Non-offset recurve, modelled on Black Magic’s legendary KL hook.
  • PTFE coated. This means less resistance which assists penetration and it provides excellent protection against corrosion – the hooks last longer.
  • Approved by the NZ Sports Fishing Council and IGFA for tournament use.
  • Available in small and economy packs in sizes 1/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0 and 8/0.
Put these guys on your bucket list –

Put these guys on your bucket list –

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