The Best Value Hooks You’ll Ever Use

The Best Value Hooks You’ll Ever Use2018-05-14T21:52:50+12:00

Project Description

Black Magic DX Point hooks

The mighty hook has been connecting man with fish since we started to learn how to use tools. But things have come a long way since bone carved hooks. The Black Magic Tackle DX Point utilizes the latest in Japanese technology and manufacturing to produce the kind of quality tackle the Neanderthals couldn’t even dream of.

As anglers, we are generally pretty easy to please. We simply want to catch more and bigger fish. What if we told you there was a stringently tested hook that can provide you with exactly what we need to achieve that goal, would you be interested? Well, yeah of course.

We need hooks that are sharp and strong. Using our best by test KS shape, the DX Point is tapered to an intricately designed point with four micro cutting edges. This structure is far less likely to turn in under pressure and provides better penetration, meaning a more successful catch.

We need hooks that last long. When you’re out there in the thick of it, the last thing you want to be doing when the fish are biting is changing hooks because they’ve gone blunt. With most hooks on the market, the coating is too thin and wears off. Luckily the DX Point is made from high carbon steel coated in quality PTFE material (you know, the stuff your trusty non-stick fry pan is made of), resulting in reduced friction, reduced corrosion, and longer lasting tackle.

We also need hooks that are versatile. James Murphy of Fishing Fever says “I was given a test pack a few months ago and haven’t used another hook since”. The DX Point has superior strength that allows you to catch bigger fish even on the smaller gauge hooks and even with livebait, making it perfect for catching a range of species with a range of fishing styles in a range of conditions.

Fish caught with DX Point hooks

Sam Mossman of NZ Fishing News gave our hooks a write up – he’s even tested them by intentionally not cleaning his hooks, and found even after several trips the hooks were in great condition, still sharp, smooth, and strong. Read more about it here.

DX Point hooks point close up

We don’t recommend not cleaning your hooks. That’s just a bit lazy. What we do recommend is that you tie your DX Points using a snell knot which allows the hook to have an even straight-line pull to the fish, basically becoming spring loaded and providing better hook-ups when you increase the drag. We have an example shown below and you can watch a demonstration video further down.

A perfect snell knot tied onto a DX Point hook

As serious fisherman ourselves, we know what’s needed in a quality hook. Black Magic Tackle is proud to bring you the DX Point hook as one of our best on the market – the best by test. Available in a range of sizes at all good tackle retailers.

“Using the DX Point Hooks I’ve been able to catch much bigger fish on a lighter line. It’s the sharpest, slickest hook on the market” – Lee Rayner, Fishing Edge TV Australia

Steve Newland demonstrates how to tie a good snell knot in this video.

Scott Parry from Fishing & Adventure describes the benefits of using DX Point hooks in this short video.