Project Description

Our Queensland based tackle tester, Leigh Holtsbaum set out with the mission to get his crew onto some blue marlin with the NEW Black Magic Equalizer TWIN PIN PRO. The day panned out a bit differently, but the catch and tackle test couldn’t have gone much better. Here’s Leigh’s words…

“Epic day aboard Sea Eagle with the plan to head out and chase a few blues. After crossing the seaway we headed to Spot X to grab a few switch baits, which didn’t take too long and we proceeded to head wide in some less than ideal conditions.

With the weather just getting worse throughout the day, after a few hours of nothing and some storms setting in we had our first bite which saw a solid blue come charging across the spread to eat the lure behind the teaser. The take was epic, seeing the blue get airborne towards the back of the boat only to spit the lure. Finally we found some bird life confined in a small area and it didn’t take long before we were on a double and losing 37kg line at a rapid rate. After a solid 25 minute fight the first fish finally broke the surface…and it was large. Meanwhile the second rod was almost spooled to the knot.

Angler Mikey Greco settling in comfortably to his Equalizer Twin Pin Pro for a strong fight against a tough yellowfin.

With a solid 60kg of Yellowfin now on the deck for angler Danny Simons it was time to get the second fish. After some serious winding the big golden sickles of a large Yellowfin broke the surface. At over 70kg it was the fish of a lifetime for angler Mikey Greco. An awesome day and and the battle made easy with the help of the Black Magic Equalizer Twin Pin Pro.

Leigh Holtsbaum, tackle tester and writer – stoked with the outcome of a great days fishing. Leigh went on to say, “We also got two Blue Marlin at 80kg and 130kg plus a feed of Mahi Mahi on the Saturday and Sunday.”