You Want The Big Catch?

You Want The Big Catch?2018-05-14T22:04:23+12:00

Project Description

Imagine you’re enjoying a day on the water, fishing with friends or family, talking about the big one that’s about to take your line and make your reel start that scream we all love.  Then, one of your mates goes into the cabin and comes back holding a Black Magic carry bag and starts unloading a harness, a gimbal plate and a webbing belt.  He passes you the webbing belt and tells you to put it on…  Your first thought is going to be something along the lines of, what in the world is that?

That my friend is one of the most innovative products on the market.  It’s described by many experienced anglers, including NZ Fishing News’ Sam Mossman, as one that’s changed the fishing game.

You want that big catch?  You need to be prepared for that big catch.  With a Black Magic Equalizer onboard, you can wear the light weight webbing belt all day and when that fish strikes, simply slip the gimbal plate into the belt loops and then fit the harness.

The Equalizer gimbal and harness system provides you with the leverage you need to successfully land that dream fish.  It’s designed so the gimbal plate sits on your thighs and the harness fits around your buttocks and lower back, meaning you’re using the weight of your body and your strongest muscles to their full potential.  Effectively you will have the power you need to fight a true monster fish whilst standing up.  That’s right, there’s no need for the old school game chair that takes up too much space on deck anymore, especially on smaller boats.

The harnesses and gimbal plates also come in varying sizes, meaning any and every angler can now have the equipment and confidence needed to fight bigger fish.

If you’ve scored yourself a big catch before, you’ll know it’s not an easy fight.  That’s why the gimbal is padded with the quality material similar to that used in rugby headgear — to provide more comfort and better blood circulation.  Extra padding means you can apply extra pressure, without any of the extra pain.

We admit they do look a bit odd.  But sporting a gimbal is similar to sporting a puffer jacket —the appearance is off, but the positive impact it has on your experience fighting the odds is more than worth it.

We’ve all seen the photos of anglers with their gigantic fish, and wondered when our opportunity will come along.  How have they landed such an impressive fish?

It’s practically Black Magic.

Check out Sam Mossman’s videos on the Black Magic equalizer gimbal below or read more here.