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Australia Hall of Fame

 "My friend Ivan and I were live baiting on the mid-north coast of NSW when this 28kg wahoo smashed the bait leaving a washing machine-sized hole in the ocean with whitewater to match!  First wahoo for me and the Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace paired with some wire hook rigs kept us in the fight!" - Emerson Spina.

"It's taken me nearly 8 years to land a meter + kingi off the stones...I'm so stoked!".  Dean Atkinson was fishing from Kiama blowhole in NSW when he landed this epic 18.5kg kingfish.  He was using Black Magic KS 8/0 hooks and says, "they're the only hooks I will use for live baiting because I know for sure they won't bend on a big fish and this is especially important at this time of year when the marlin are around...once you're hooked up with a KS you know you're safe!".  Cheers Dean for the great photo and feedback!

It was 25°c and the wind was blowing 10-15 knots from the NE when James Harland hooked up to this beast of a cobia off Fraser Island in Queensland.  He was using Black Magic 80lb Supple Trace and says "I only ever use Black Magic leader.  Have never had a problem with it, unlike some others."  Thanks for sending in your epic photo Jimmy, and congratulations for making it into our Hall of Fame.

Zac Deppeler was popper fishing inshore southern Queensland when he hooked up to this excellent GT.  He says, "Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace and the Black Magic 'Mahi' 180mm Jumbo Popper were a good choice this morning".  Zac did not manage to get a weight on his fish as he just got his mate to take a couple of quick pictures before releasing it to fight another day.  He estimates it to have weighed 25-30kg.

@bertos_fishing sent in this awesome snapper photo to us through Instagram.  The fish was caught on the first cast at 50 metres off Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Bertos was fishing with his 8-year-old and there was a big 2-3m "glassy swell".  They ended up with 6 snapper in two hours - all of which were caught using Black Magic 20lb Tough Fluorocarbon leader.  He says, "it's all I use for my leader".

This awesome photo was posted on social media with #blackmagichalloffame and got the immediate attention of the team here.  Dax Gallager managed to catch this epic Spanish mackerel at the Urangan Pier in Hervey Bay, QLD.  He was fishing with Black Magic 60lb Tough Trace and released his fish after the photo.  What a catch!

Justin Bechtold caught this excellent blue groper off the coast of South Australia. He was fishing with Black Magic 200lb Tough Trace and says he released his fish after a quick photo. Well done Justin, great catch!

Jarrod May headed up to the shallow waters at the top end of Western Port Bay on the 13th of August to hunt a big winter snapper and was rewarded with these two fish going 7.5 and 8.5kgs.  They were caught using Black Magic 40lb Supple Trace for shock leader to the braid and 60lb Tough Trace for leader which was snelled to 2x Black Magic C Point 6/0 hooks.  Jarrod says, "I choose Black Magic Tackle because it's's Black Magic Tackle or nothing for me."  Thanks a lot for the great photo and feedback Jarrod!

Michael Sutherland was fishing around Fitzroy Reef off Seventeen-Seventy chasing coral trout when his 7-inch soft bait got hit by this mammoth 1.7m long spanish mackerel.  Michael says he feels lucky he was using Black Magic 30lb Tough Fluorocarbon because he knows it has extra high abrasion resistance which was needed to survive "the teeth of a brute spanish like this!".  The fight went on for a nerve racking 30minutes.  Well done on your trophy catch Michael!

"I'll never use another hook after using these DX Point hooks, they're truly amazing", were the words sent alongside this fantastic photo from Rhys Paterman.  He was fishing from Stephen Rocks in Nelson Bay, NSW when he caught this 8.3kg snapper.  Rhys was using Black Magic DX Point 5/0 Hooks and Black Magic 40lb Tough Trace.  Well done mate!

"I never thought of killing this beast, it was too good to kill", were the words sent in alongside this fantastic photo from John Nelson (a.k.a. 12vlt) of Queensland.  He set out with his mate 'BDD' to target cobia off Seventeen Seventy last week with jigs and plastics tied onto 30lb braid and Black Magic 60lb Supple Trace.  After finding a bait school, they saw signs on the sounder of what could be their target down went the jigs.  On John's 2nd drop he hooked into this estimated 40kg cobia which put up a strong 20-minute fight.  Each of the lads quickly took turns holding the trophy for some quick photos and then it was released back into the water.  Congratulations on your incredible catch guys, and good decision on throwing it back.  The catch and release can be viewed on Youtube, just click this link.

Well, that didn't take long did it... After seeing his sister enter the Hall of Fame last month Mark Loper was quick to bounce back.  He caught this 13kg dhufish on Black Magic 100lb Tough Trace and Black Magic KL 8/0 Hooks off the coast of Jurien Bay, Western Australia.  Fishing onboard Kristian Hardie charters in about 30m of water, Mark deployed his squid wrapped Black Magic rig.  Soon after he hooked into this impressive dhufish which he says put up a massive fight, "pulling string all the way to the surface".  Well done Mark.  You and your sister have done the Loper family name proud!

Mark Loper took his sister out fishing while she was visiting on holiday and she showed him what it was all about with this 26lb snapper.  Jennifer Loper was thrilled as you can see in the photo and we suspect the bragging rights were quickly taken advantage of.  She used Black Magic 100lb Tough Trace and Black Magic C Point 8/0 Hooks.  They were fishing in 40m off the coast of Western Australia.

"I run about 3 metres of Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace every time, as it can handle the reef better than most other leaders on the market".  These were the words of wisdom that came from experienced angler Cowan Wise who caught this exceptional 1.5m samson fish off the rocks in Albany, Western Australia.  He says it was the best fight of his life.  The fish took a dead bait on his light 6-8 kg rod and ran for 200m through reef, nearly spooling him.  After a 20min fight the fish surfaced and he new he could not release the fish so he had to take a gaff shot and put it down.  Congratulations on your trophy catch Cowan, well done.

This stunning photo of a juvenile black marlin which was tagged and released was sent in by Leigh Holtsbaum.  He was fishing off the Gold Coast, QLD with Black Magic 100lb Tough Trace and the Black Magic Equalizer Gimbal and Harness.  Leigh says, "We always run Black Magic Tough Trace on our lures and Fluorocarbon on our live bait rigs for marlin.  You would be surprised at the size of the blacks we have caught that don't chaff through 60lb or 80lb Black Magic Leader.  A 250kg beast is the biggest on our light tackle. We also always use the Black Magic Equalizer.  It's a must for stand up game fishing.  "  Thanks for your great photo and feedback Leigh.

Damien Stella sent in this exceptional photo of his coronation trout that he caught with Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace.  He says, "it is the only leader I use now, from 20lb to 100lb".  Damien was fishing east off Break Sea Spit, Fraser Island, QLD. 

When we first saw this photo we were blown away and new it would be hard to beat or this months spot in the Black Magic AU Hall of Fame.  Bill Papa's huge mulloway weighed over 65lb and was caught off the far west coast of South Australia, near Yalata.  Billy was fishing from the beach with Black Magic 60lb Tough Trace as he says, "it has never failed me in tough beach conditions".

hofwinner oct2016au-1
Tim Beck claims the October position for our Australian Hall of Fame with this fantastic photo and great story:
"I was fishing in port albert victoria Australia, fishing for whiting when my line took off my old man said it would be a banjo shark, but I could feel the head shakes, after about 20mins and a lot of line lost and gained I finally saw color and it was a snapper, the old man then proceeded to tell me not to lose it, we got it in the boat, hooked in the corner of the jaw, 👍  6 pound main line and 20 pound leader is not ideal for snapper but we got the job done.  In my opinion your hooks are sh** hot.  I caught 10 whiting after that on the same hook."   Tim's snapper was caught on a Black Magic KL 01 Hook - designed for whiting and bream fishing.

The NEW Black Magic DX Point hooks were put to the ultimate test this month.  Dan Bullock from Bluewater Tackle World Morley in Western Australia was out fishing off Mindarie, WA with the new hooks, in size 1/0.  He was targeting King George Whiting in 40m when his rod bent over and after a 15 minute fight up came this outstanding 21.5kg dhufish!  Dan was amazed to see the spear point of the Black Magic DX Point 1/0 hook penetrated into the bone of the dhufish's crushing plate and also hold up for 15 minutes without any bend.  Well done Dan, this is truly an amazing catch and great proof of the penetration strength and ultimate durability of our new super hooks.
Learn more about the NEW Black Magic DX Point hooks here.

Congratulations to Ryan Potter who has taken out the August spot for the Australian Hall of Fame with this terrific photo of his 28kg spanish mackerel.  Ryan caught his fish off Quobba in Western Australia using Black Magic 80lb Tough Trace, Black Magic KS 8/0 Hooks and the Black Magic Gimbal and Harness (Equalizer).  Well done!

Congratulations to Sam Bray who has been chosen as the first ever winner for the NEW Black Magic Hall of Fame - AU.  Sam sent in this great photo of two snapper he caught which both weighed over 20lb!  He was fishing with soft plastics out of Ocean Reef Harbour at a spot called Three Mile Reef, using Black Magic 20lb Fluorocarbon.  Well done Sam!


For more great photos of fish caught on Black Magic Tackle check out this gallery.

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