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New Zealand Hall of Fame

"It was only the second time I took my new Black Magic Soft Bait 221 rod out and I got hit by this huge snapper at about 6pm.  I was fishing off a double kayak with my boyfriend near Waiheke Island and this catch came on my first cast!  I was into a 20min fight.  It was hard work getting the fish up but once it was next to the kayak we could see why.  The snapper weighed 21lb!  The rod performed well and made the fight quicker and easier than it should have been.  The fish is now frozen and ready to be made into my trophy" - Amy Robinson.

Paul Hemmett hefts his 89kg bigeye tuna he caught onboard Rick Pollock's charter vessel 'Pursuit'.  Black Magic 300lb Tough Trace and the Equalizer gimbal and harness helped to land this epic fish.  Well done Paul!

A whole jack mackerel was sent out with high hopes by Shine Fulton in Northland.  He was using Black Magic 80lb Supple Trace and Wasabi Suicide 7/0 hooks on his rig, so he was ready for something big.  Lucky enough along came this awesome 11kg snapper in prestine condition and Shine managed to get it onboard for a photo.  Well done Shine!  Great catch.

NZ-DEC11 year old Kyle Halliwell was thrilled to land this superb 13kg kingfish on a Black Magic ‘Tarakihi Terminator’ Snatcher® rig.  He was fishing in 40m out of Napier.  Well done Kyle!

Joshua Kang landed this impressive 12kg snapper when fishing from Ninepin rock at Whatipu.  He was fishing the incoming tide when he hooked up at about 11am.  The Black Magic KS 4/0 hooks and 60lb Supple Trace aided Joshua in his fight against this huge snapper in rugged terrain.  Well done!

Shane Osbourne from Cooks Beach Timber & Hardware (BuildLink) was out on the Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris Charter and took out the heaviest snapper for the day with this 15.8lb beauty.  He was using the NEW Black Magic 'Super Lumo' Snapper Snatcher 5/0.  This rig is wrecking havoc during tackle testing and is a MUST TRY for any snapper fishermen.  Well done Shane!

Paul Rahman was fishing the Twizel Canals in the South Island when he hooked up to this exceptional 38lb rainbow trout. He was using Black Magic 6lb Fluorocarbon leader and Black Magic Glo Bug flies.

NZ-AUG"After news that there were a few Bluefin tuna running off Waihau Bay in the Bay of Plenty and a weather window coming up in a couple of days, we made the call to take Lydia (a 9mtr AMF) for a run down the coast to give them a nudge.  

While off Waikawa Point heading down towards Waihau Bay we had a shot in 1100mtrs of water in the shotgun position, after a good scrap Steve landed his first Bluefin tuna.

The new Black Magic 'Lumo Lollipop' Soft Pusher once again proved itself through results, it's action is quite distinctive while being trolled, once you see it in the water, there is no wonder marlin & tuna find it simply irresistible.

Thanks Black Magic for producing another winner."

Steve Milbank caught this 84.5kg Southern Blue Fin Tuna on full Black Magic Tackle kit.  This included the NEW Black Magic Soft Pusher 'Lumo Lollipop' lure, Black Magic IGFA 37kg 'clear' line, Black Magic 200lb Tough Trace, Black Magic Closed Gape 9/0 game hook and of course the trusty Black Magic Equalizer Gimbal and Harness.  Well done boys!

This ugly old snapper was caught off the Northland coast on the 8th of July by Tama Rangiawha.  Tama was fishing on board Mike Stephens boat (who was the winner of the NZ Hall of Fame position for January 2017).  Using the exact same Black Magic rig as Mike, the combo has definitely proven itself to the crew.  Black Magic C Point 10/0 hooks, Black Magic 15kg Rolling Swivels and Black Magic 60lb Tough Fluorocarbon leader = a recipe for trophy snapper success!

Nick Gow lives in Australia but was over at his family bach in Omaha NZ for some snapper fishing when he caught this excellent 16lb snapper. Nick was fishing in the Hauraki Gulf when the snapper took his stray-lined salmon fillet bait and "went crazy". He was using Black Magic C Point 8/0 Hooks and Black Magic 30lb Tough Fluorocarbon because he finds the tackle to be very reliable. Great catch Nick. Thanks for sending it in.

Aaron Bennet's sole focus for the day was to catch a 'big red', so he was equipped with a snelled strayline rig with twin Black Magic C Point 10/0 hooks and a slab of fresh kahawai.  He was fishing near the Raurimu Island out of Whakatane and had not caught anything decent until this bruiser came along.  Aaron says the snapper put up a rugged 10 minute battle over some gnarly shallow ground, so he had to wind up his drag and fight back twice as hard.  "The Black Magic C Point hooks well and truly hung in there, they were actually lodged in the hard cartilage around the mouth, so they were never getting off.  Strong hooks with great penetration".  Snapper weight: 8.58kg.  Well done Aaron.

Zain Shroeder caught this cracking 21.5lb snapper while surfcasting off 90 Mile Beach.  After this quick photo, he released his trophy catch.  Zain is a big fan of the new Black Magic DX Point hooks and on this day he used 6/0's along with Black Magic 60lb Fluorocarbon.  Well done Zain.  Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

You can always rely on the strength of a Black Magic Hook.  Luke Peterson chooses Black Magic J Series fly hooks when fishing for trout in the Twizel area and on this particular day he hooked into a huge 37.4lb rainbow trout.  A true test immediately commenced.  After landing the freight train, Luke's angling skills and the quality of these hooks are un-questionable.  A real stand out and well deserving of the Hall of Fame spot for this month.  Well done Luke!

Mark Bonaddio travelled to New Zealand from Melbourne, Australia for a five-day fishing trip at The Three Kings aboard Enchanters "Cova Rosa".  At anchorage on the last night in the middle of Waikuku Bay he was fishing with his light rod and rigged up a Black Magic 5/0 Snapper Snatcher 'Original'.  At 10pm he got the strike which made his trip...45minutes later his 23kg kingfish reward appeared.  Thanks for the photo and story Mark.

"To catch the best I use the best", says Mike Stephens who was using Black Magic C Point 10/0 Hooks, Black Magic 60lb Tough Fluorocarbon and Black Magic 15kg Rolling Swivels to catch this excellent 24.6lb snapper.  He was straylining with an old shearing mate who now manages Te Paki Station and was celebrating his 60th.  What a way to celebrate!  

When that bigger than expected fish turns up, you want to know you have tackle that can handle it!  Debbie Miller "got a bit of a fright" when this 13kg kingfish hooked up to her Black Magic 3/0 Tarakihi Terror Rig, but she still managed to land it.  Well done Debbie!  They were fishing at McGregors Rock (out of Mangawhai).  

An undeniable winner for the November Black Magic NZ Hall of Fame spot.  Dora Coles caught this amazing 23lb snapper off Great Mercury Island on the NEW DX Point 5/0 Hooks.  She said, "Bought your hooks on Friday and caught my first big snapper the next day!...Thanks for keeping my fish on the line". 

hofwinner oct2016nz-1
"Snapper Snatcher works!" were the words sent it to us along with this picture from the young man Jack Rhodes (aged 12).  He was fishing out of Matapouri with a Black Magic Snapper Snatcher 'Original' 5/0 when he caught what he says is, "the biggest snapper I've has ever seen".  The snapper weighed 5.13kg and measured 70cm long.  Jack was pretty stoked, especially since it was his first catch for the season.  Great job Jack!

It's not every day you see a kahawai of this size.  Brad from Hamills Rotorua caught this absolute hog while softbaiting out of Whakatane.  His kahawai which weighed an astonishing 7kg was caught on Black Magic 15lb Tough Fluorocarbon.  We can only imagine the fight this fish gave on light tackle.  Well done Brad - you got a kahawai into our NZ Hall of Fame...who would have thought?

Adam Cassar was fishing the mussel farms in the Firth of Thames when he caught this fine kingfish which has earned it's spot in the NZ Black Magic Tackle - Hall of Fame.  He was thrilled to land his fish which he caught on Black Magic 80lb Fluorocarbon Leader and a Black Magic GZ Livebait hook.

Congratulations to Arrum Ali who has been selected as the first ever winner or the NZ Black Magic Tackle - Hall of Fame.  Arrum sent in this great photo of his PB snapper weighing 23.9lb, which he caught when straylining off the rocks in the far north.  He used Wasabi 30lb Monofilament Line, Black Magic 30lb Fluorocarbon Leader and 2x Black Magic 5/0 KS Hooks.  Read the full story about his catch here.


For more great photos of fish caught on Black Magic Tackle check out this gallery.

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