Key features

  • Screws into place (with screw provided) in the standard gimbal plate and XL Wide gimbal plate slot allowing bent butt rods to be used
  • Essential for allowing vertical travel use with bent butt rods
  • Heavy duty, marine-grade stainless steel
  • Made in New Zealand

Fishing style

  • Allows the Equalizer® to be used for both a straight butt and bent butt rods
  • Alternatively you can use the Twin Pin Pro set which does not require the use of a adaptor


Black Magic Equalizer® tips, techniques and reviews:

A comprehensive guide to game fishing – imperative you that you need a Black Magic Equalizer®

Pro tips to game fishing by Paul Lennon

Equipment like the Black Magic Equalizer® is everything when taking on 1000lb+ Atlantic Tuna

Getting the most from your Equalizer®


This is the correct posture to take when fish is taking line from your reel.

Note: Knees slightly bent, feet apart. Back is arched so body weight is supported correctly by the harness. Arms should have little strain, as the harness takes all the load, leaving your hands free.


This is the correct technique to lift your fish & gain line once your fish has stopped taking line.

Note: Knees are bent more than illustration 1. Back is still arched and supported by the harness but the load is increased on the harness by effectively ‘sitting’ in it. As you sit in the harness & transfer weight, your rod will lift the fish.

 The Grind

Rod is at its heightened position and is loaded to its full potential. Once you have lifted the fish, wind on line while you lower your rod and then repeat. At all stages you should have the rod slightly bent, thus keeping a constant pressure on the fish.

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