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Black Magic Tackle carries over 2,000 product lines designed for the “mad keen” and casual fisherman alike. We are a specialist terminal tackle supplier, and we also carry a number of fishing tools and high-end storage accessories. Black Magic Tackle is available across the globe with thousands of retailers across New Zealand, Australia, Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa.

Snapper Snack® – The Ultimate Combination of Lure & Rig

Black Magic Snapper Snacks are firing right now! The twin skirted rig is high in UV and lumo content and rigged on premium KLT® hooks. Check them out now and get in on the action!

Snapper Snatcher Basics

The iconic Black Magic flasher rig has been a crowd favourite for over 20 years! This rig is still popular for a reason – it get’s results. Learn the best way to use these rigs here.

NEW Black Magic Equalizer Twin Pin Pro

The best just got better! The NEW Equalizer allow maximum leverage and no restrictions whether you’re using a bent butt rod or straight butt rod. Check it out now…

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