Bringing innovation to a wide range of fishing tackle and accessories

Black Magic Tackle carries over 2,000 product lines designed for the “mad keen” and casual fisherman alike. We are a specialist terminal tackle supplier, and we also carry a number of fishing tools and high-end storage accessories. Black Magic Tackle is available across the globe with thousands of retailers across New Zealand, Australia, Pacific, North America, Europe and Africa.

World-class leader & trace range

There’s a fine line between you and your fish, pick one you can trust. Check out our world renowned range of leaders and traces here and learn why you should be using them.

Black Magic Tackle – Game Lures

Whether you are targeting marlin, tuna, sailfish, wahoo or mahi-mahi, our range of gear has been used to catch them all! Get the ultimate performance.

KLT® Hooks – “They’re the best hooks we’ve ever used!”

Modelled off the original KL design – legendary since 1991 – this hook incorporates some significant changes… 

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