Jigging Lures

Choosing the right jig for your target species, water conditions, and environment, can make all the difference.

Whiting Snatchers®

Whiting is a very popular marine species, offering a great fishing experience for beginners and avid fishers alike. Our pre-tied Whiting Snatcher® rigs are convenient and easy to use.

Equalizer® set up

Wearing your Equalizer® harness correctly will ensure you can apply maximum pressure to your fish without applying maximum pressure to your body

Fluoro vs Mono

Choosing the right leader can make all the difference when landing your fish. We can guide you through the options

Leader Feeder

Our Leader Feeder is designed to keep your trace organised. Learn how to set it up with 5 spools of leader, ready for your next fishing trip

Weekender Tackle Bag

Mig from Fishing & Adventure loves our Weekender Tackle Bag. Check out all the features of this versatile bag

Sunakku® Slow Jigs

Lure fishing is a fantastic way of targeting predatory species. If in doubt, chuck a Sunakku® out!

Squid Gear Guide

Always consider your gear setup when targeting squid. Match your jig size, line, and leader weight to the size of the squid you're targeting and your fishing environment.

Flipper Jigs

Our Flipper jigs are ideal for chasing down snapper, kingfish, and other predatory species. Find out more about how to fish with them to maximise your time on the water

Tying your own soft egg fly

Check out our easy-to-follow video guide on how to tie a soft egg fly, to attract the local trout

Groper Grabber rigs

Our Groper Grabber rigs are designed to handle big bottom-dwelling species like groper, bass, and bluenose

Black Magic Equalizer®

When you’re targeting big game fish, hooking them is one thing, but landing them is another. Our Equalizer® can help you stay in control

Tackle Bag

Our popular Tackle Bag delivers all the storage you need for your next fishing day trip, in one compact design

Equalizer® XL Wide gimbal

Our XL Wide Equalizer® gimbal allows a much wider stance when hooked to a fish, which can be necessary in rough seas

Snapper Snacks®

Snapper Snacks® are easy to use, making them ideal for all levels of angler, from kids to experienced fishos

Hyperglide® 13x Braid Review

Australia's Hooked Up magazine spent some time on the water putting our Hyperglide® 13x Braid through its paces

Snapper Snatchers®

Our original pre-tied Snatcher® rigs can be fished at all water depths and in all environments for a wide range of species

Choosing the right hook

Choosing the right hook size and pattern for your target species and fishing style, can make all the difference when landing your fish

Tying the knot

Tying a good solid knot is an important part of your fishing setup. Here's some tips and video guides to get you started

Bait vs Lures

Have you ever considered what style of fishing is cheaper? There are so many variables to consider when pricing up the true cost of a day out on the water.

Tackle Pack

Our legendary Tackle Pack is built to last and designed to carry everything you need to go fishing

GLADIUS® SW Spin rod

Our well balanced SW Spin rod is light, yet powerful. Brand Ambassador, Leigh Holtsbaum, puts the rod through its paces

Deepwater Slim Jig review

The boys from Fishing & Adventure have proven the abilities of our Deepwater Slim jigs time and time again

Longreach Surfcasting Rigs

Our Longreach Surfcasting rigs are specifically designed to help you reach your target off the beach

BMax 70 tackle review

The team from Hooked Up magazine have been putting our BMax70 hard body lures through its paces against the local trout

DX Point® review

DX Point® hooks are the sharpest in our range, with 4 micro cutting edges. Find out why Scott and Mig love it so much

Hyperglide® 13x Braid

Hyperglide 13x Braid is a high performance casting braid designed to deliver the longest and smoothest cast you'll ever experience

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