Hyperglide® 13x Braid

A high performance 13 carrier braid, designed to deliver the longest and smoothest cast you’ll ever experience. Ideal for fresh water fishing, where casting distance and accuracy are required to hit your target.

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Constructed from 12 Japanese PE fibres wrapped around a strong central core, Hyperglide® is specifically designed for casting.

Its structure creates a smooth round braid that will glide through your guides with less friction, improving the aerodynamics for a longer, smoother cast.

The round structure also means ultra-fine diameters, even in the heavier line weights, without compromising the robustness of the braid. Which is what you need when you’re targeting beast sized trout in locations like the Tekapo Canals (NZ).

The fine diameter also prevents unwanted drag in the water. Combined with the ‘Tekapo Blue’ colour, this reduces line visibility in the water, improving the presentation of your lure, rig, or bait. This works well for easily spooked species like trout and bream.

Like all braids, Hyperglide® has minimal stretch which delivers a high level of sensitivity, helping you stay connected to your lure, rig, or bait.

What you need to know


Hyperglide® is ideal for casting in freshwater. With the range starting at an ultra fine PE 0.4 (8lb), Hyperglide® 13x Braid is suitable for a range of fishing styles and target species.


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