Sponsorship with
Black Magic Tackle

In this socially driven, digitally focused world, anyone can become an “influencer”. And when you have a hobby as expensive as fishing can be, why wouldn’t you want someone else to pay the bill.
But becoming an “influencer” for a reputable, international brand requires more than simply getting some free gear and throwing out a few brand mentions on your social media channels.

Like many companies around the world, sponsorship plays an important role in our wider marketing programme. It’s an accessible, efficient and successful way to drive brand and product awareness, target specific types of anglers and at the end of the day, generate sales.

If you're a club hosting an event, or an individual entering a fishing comp, please complete the EVENT SPONSORSHIP form.

If you're an individual angler looking for a long term partnership with us via our Brand Ambassador programme, please complete the BRAND AMBASSDOR form.

Brand Ambassador partnership

If you’re interested in a longer term partnership with Black Magic, you can apply to be a part of our Brand Ambassador team. Sending a DM "hey bro check out my Insta" is not the ideal way to start off a conversation with a brand. If you're truly interested in a professional partnership with a brand, act professional from the very first interaction.

Know the brand

Just because you use a specific brand’s hooks, doesn’t mean you know the brand. Do your research and find out what their values are.

If they have a Pro Team, check them out – understand who you’d be working alongside if you were successful, and how they represent themselves online, and engage with their own audiences.

Research and understand what a brand's content style is and who they target. Being an influencer doesn’t mean simply posting a few photos online with a brand tag on it. For many brands, Black Magic included, influencers contribute high value, high quality content which is used across multiple platforms to drive brand awareness, product recognition and the long term goal, sales.

Content can be lots of things – photos, articles, information, guides, videos. Know what sort of content the brand creates, and make sure you showcase how you can contribute.

Showcase who you are

It’s important to be authentic and show your true self. You don’t need to use fancy words to be professional and be yourself. Make sure you clearly communicate who you are, what you do, why you love fishing, and why you’re approaching a specific brand.

Show that you understand the meaning of a partnership and identify how you would contribute. If you’ve been lucky enough to secure sponsorship with other brands, let us know who they are and how you’ve contributed.

The more a brand can learn about you from the start, the more likely they are to quickly understand if you’re the right fit. If you’ve done your research you should already have an idea if you’ll fit with their approach and values; but every decision comes down to how a person will fit within the wider team and the brand’s business and marketing objectives.

Find a retailer

Black Magic Tackle gear is sold exclusively via a network of over 800 retailers around the world.