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The Black Magic Story

Black Magic Tackle is a story of entrepreneurial spirit and cutting-edge technology.

In 1990, Kiwi Rick Wakelin took a trip to Singapore and was shown the first ever chemically sharpened high-carbon steel hooks, fresh from Japan.

These hooks were black, which was unusual seeing as steel hooks came in silver, and keen anglers would have to paint them black making them less obvious under water.

Rick returned to New Zealand with a big box of large black hooks and distributed them to friends and fishing club members.  In less than a month, the black hooks were out-fishing everything else on the market.  Knowing that the quality was too good to remain a secret, Rick carried out a long search for the hook source.  In 1991, a contract was signed with the manufacturer, orders were placed, the first advertisement was put in the NZ fishing News magazine, and the demand for the Black Magic Hooks was huge.

Starting as a small mail order company, Black Magic Tackle now carries over 2000 product lines including specialist tools and high-end accessories, supplying to over 800 retail stores around the world.

We have a diverse team of passionate people in New Zealand and Australia who play a part in the selection, development and trialling of all products before they hit the market, and we are proud to put sustainability of our fishery, innovation and quality at the forefront of our business.

With over 27 years’ experience, and a forward-looking management team, Black Magic is determined to continue to expand its world-wide presence, developing and supplying innovative and quality products.