The Black Magic Story

It all started with the hook. The first ever chemically sharpened Black hook sold in New Zealand. Magic – because of the performance and effectiveness, out-fishing everything else on the market. They truly were “Black Magic”.

Black Magic Tackle (BMT) is a story of a passion for fishing, entrepreneurial spirit, determination and cutting-edge technology. In 1990, our founder took a trip to Singapore, was shown the first ever chemically sharpened high-carbon steel hooks fresh from Japan and the rest is history.

Black Magic Tackle is a ‘Kiwi’ family-owned company 100% committed to innovation and excellence in fishing tackle. Today the BMT range has over 2000 product lines available via a network of over 800 tackle stores around the world.

Our “best by test” claim is no idle boast. Black Magic Tackle is passionate about, and committed to, innovation, quality and excellence in fishing tackle and accessories, and has been since 1991. Being the “best by test” means our team are constantly learning and developing innovative products to meet the needs of fishermen around the world. During development products are tested internally by our team, and externally by our extensive network of international fishing experts, pro guides and charter skippers.

BMT is committed to quality in every shipment, with all products batch tested for effectiveness, strength and durability. Our commitment to you – the ‘Best by Test’

A single-minded focus on quality, robustly tested product, delivering that touch of Magic when it is most needed.

For the novice or pro, saltwater or fresh, Black Magic Tackle has the tackle, accessories, tips and techniques to make your next trip a fish-filled success. BMT, your partner on the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers around our planet.

Winner of multiple awards:

‘Best of Show’ – American Sport Fishing Tackle Show 1995
(New Products, Saltwater Sections) – Black Magic Equalizer Gimbal and Harness set)

‘Supplier of the Year, Runner Up’ – NZ Sports Goods Association 1997

‘Supplier of the Year, Runner Up’ – NZ Sports Goods Association 2003

‘Best Fishing Accessory’ – AFTA 2009
Split Ring Pliers

‘Best Electronic Accessory’ – AFTA 2013
Digital Scales

‘Best Terminal Tackle’ – AFTA 2014
Longreach Surfcasting Rig

‘Best Terminal Tackle, Runner Up’ – AFTA 2016
DX Point hook

‘Best Game Fishing Accessory’ – AFTA 2019
Black Magic Equalizer Twin Pin Pro

‘Best in Show’ – AFTA 2019
Best Medium Stand