In my opinion your hooks are sh** hot

In my opinion your hooks are sh** hot 2017-09-13T03:17:51+00:00

Project Description

Tim Beck claims the October position for our Australian Hall of Fame with this fantastic photo and great story:

“I was fishing in Port Albert in Victoria, Australia, fishing for whiting when my line took off. My old man said it would be a banjo shark, but I could feel the head shakes, after about 20mins and a lot of line lost and gained I finally saw colour and it was a snapper, the old man then proceeded to tell me not to lose it, we got it in the boat, hooked in the corner of the jaw, 👍 6 pound main line and 20 pound leader is not ideal for snapper but we got the job done. In my opinion your hooks are sh** hot. I caught 10 whiting after that on the same hook.”

Tim’s snapper was caught on a Black Magic KL 01 Hook – designed for whiting and bream fishing.