Some intense action between man, tuna and a seal, couldn’t have been done without the help of the Black Magic Equalizer®

When battling the dream fish, the Equalizer® allows you to apply greater pressure without increasing stress on your back, arms or legs. The padded gimbal belt gives you increased comfort and better blood circulation during long fights. You can wear the unique lightweight webbing belt all day, then simply slip the gimbal on in seconds when the fish strikes.

The harness design gives you a stronger product that is lighter and less bulky than other alternatives. The Equalizer® System essentially provides you with a stand-up seat to battle your fish.

Equalizer® Gimbal and Harness sets

The Original Equalizer®

The original Equalizer® kit is available in 5 size combinations:

The Twin Pin Pro

The Equalizer Twin Pin Pro Kit is available in 3 size combinations:

The Gimbal

All Black Magic Equalizer® gimbals are padded with special materials utilising sports medicine technology to give you more comfort and better blood circulation during those long fights. The padding is similar in construction to that used in the manufacturing of rugby headgear. You will be amazed at the extra pressure you can apply, 30 pounds over the rod tip is as easy as pulling 20 pounds with other systems.

Back pain? No strain, no pain!

Sideways movement has been eliminated by the unique design, especially helpful in sloppy seas. For added stability & a wider stance, choose our XL Wide or Twin Pin Pro gimbal.

Your body weight is used to maximum advantage with the recessed gimbal pin positioned lower and further back than other systems. If you’re using the Twin Pin Pro gimbal, the front pin is used for bent butt rods to work without restriction.

Wear the unique webbing belt all day and simply slip on the gimbal in seconds when the strike comes.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best materials.

The Equalizer®

Moulded and contoured padded componentry gives you a stronger yet lighter and less bulky harness. Unlike conventional kidney harnesses, the Black Magic Equalizer® divides the strain between the upper thigh/buttocks area and the lower back using innovative twin element padded supports.

The free running lug clips allow the load to be distributed evenly between the two elements of the harness.

By having the angle of pull lower on the angler, the pressure applied to the reel lugs is increased by up to 50% without any extra effort.