It all started with a hook

In 1991 the humble KS hook revolutionised the tackle industry in New Zealand. 30 years later, that hook has evolved into an internationally renowned terminal tackle and fishing accessories brand. Black Magic Tackle now has an extensive range of over 2,000 products, sold via a network of over 800 tackle stores around the world.

At the time, Black Magic Tackle’s founder had become frustrated with the lack of quality hooks in New Zealand. During a trip to Singapore, he was shown what were the first chemically sharpened, high carbon steel black hooks, fresh from Japan.

When introduced in New Zealand, these hooks quickly outclassed other hooks on the market – their performance and effectiveness earning them widespread recognition as “magic”. And they truly were “Black Magic”.

The first print advertisement in 1991

The original range of Black Magic hooks: KS 3/0 – 8/0, KL 5/0, Livebait 10/0 and 12/0

The original business, Fisherman’s Warehouse, was focused on mail order. From a garage in West Auckland, it quickly expanded to two retail stores.  Before long, demand grew, the stores were sold and it was decided the future lay in wholesaling and the business, Black Magic Tackle, was born. The plan was to supply quality, specialized terminal tackle and accessories, and to develop new products where there was a perceived need in New Zealand and later Australia.

Black Magic’s ongoing commitment to researching and developing new ideas has seen Black Magic win multiple awards over the years, and earn a reputation for delivering innovative, quality products.

The introduction of new products is always based on extensive research, development and testing, carried out in conjunction with international fishing experts, pro guides, fishing writers and charter skippers.

This commitment to producing market leading, performance tested products has helped many anglers achieve world and national records, most notably Alain Jorion’s 473.2kg Black Marlin (NZ) and Team OceanicGear’s 1050lb Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Boston, USA). The huge number of national and world records achieved using Black Magic gear, reinforces that Black Magic is “the best by test”.

Black Magic Tackle remains a ‘Kiwi’ family-owned and operated company and is proud to be celebrating more than 30 years of innovation, quality, and excellence.

All Black Magic products are batch tested for effectiveness, strength and durability.