Gladius® Squid rods

A specifically designed squid fishing rod will improve your catch rate and create a more enjoyable fishing experience.

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Our GLADIUS® squid rods are purpose built for New Zealand and Australian conditions. They're designed and developed in Japan, with precision, care and refinement resulting in ultra light rods that give the avid angler an advantage in control, casting distance and sensitivity.

The light medium and medium actions produce the perfect amount of "whip" when casting squid jigs, allowing for longer casts to hit your targets.

These rods are perfectly balanced, with the high performance 40 tonne graphite blank delivering just the right amount of sensitivity and stiffness required for squid fishing.

Our GLADIUS® rods are 2 piece rods which makes for easy storage, and come with a FUJI® reel seat and ultra light ALPS™ guides.

Available in 2 lengths - 8'3" (2.51m) for landbased fishing and 7'4" (2.24m) for targeting squid off your boat.

What you need to know


Squid can be caught using any rod and reel, or handline, but using rods specifically designed for squid fishing not only improves your catch rate, but also makes it more enjoyable.


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