Longreach Surfcasting Rig

A pulley style rig, specifically designed to deliver a long, aerodynamic cast to help you reach your target.

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Going the distance.

The unique design of our Longreach rigs allows you to cast a longer distance because the bait is sitting directly over the sinker. This means that all the weight [of the rig, bait and sinker] is loading at the base of the rig. If your bait was positioned halfway up the trace, it would make the cast or flight less aerodynamic and increase your chances of tangles.

Each pack includes 1 pulley rig with an impact shield, and 2 x 45cm snap on traces, and long life lumo beads. Each rig includes our famous Japanese made, chemically sharpened hooks – 1 x KL 5/0 recurve hook and 1 x 3/0 suicide hook.

The lumo floats are a great option when land-based fishing for snapper in the dark, or low light condition. The lumo can be “charged up” with our UV torch before being fished with, to increase its visibility and attractiveness in the water.

What you need to know

Fishing with Longreach Rigs

Surfcasting is a landbased style of fishing which is mainly done off the beach, but these days you can find surfcasters in many coastal areas. The unique design of our surfcasting rigs can help you reach your target.


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