Rattle Snack lures

The unique swimming action imitates an injured baitfish with a harmonically tuned 'rattle' which fish find hard to resist

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Tuned in

Rattle Snacks 'flutter' on the drop and retrieve, which triggers a predatory fish's urge to strike, and keep striking. They also have a rattle bead strategically placed on the rear of the lure which produces sound that adds to the attraction for trout. Rattle Snacks ideal for both trolling and casting, to target your favourite freshwater or estuarine species.

What you need to know

Quality componentry

The strong split rings and checmically sharpened treble hook ensure a durable, quality lure. Simply tie your mainline to the swivel and you're ready to fish.

Spinning for Trout

Black Magic Pro Team member, Blair Whiting, is an experienced freshwater angler. He's shared his tips, advice, and insights into spinning for trout, to help you have a successful day on the river.


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