Snapper Snacks®

The ultimate combo of lure and rig, best fished with a thin strip of bait to help maintain the natural swimming action of the skirt.

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Lure and rig in one

Snapper Snacks® are a paternoster style rig, designed to attract big fish. The free flowing skirts give the rig an enticing action, particularly when you lift the rod tip, give a slow wind, or if there is current flowing. The skirts have lumo and UV content, which increases their visibility in deeper water, or if you're fishing in low light conditions or at night time.

We've rigged our Snapper Snacks® with our abrasion resistant Tough Trace, and our high performance KLT® hooks. The slippery PTFE coating on the hooks not only assists with penetration, it also makes the hooks last longer thanks to its higher level of corrosion resistance.

What you need to know

KLT® hooks

Snapper Snacks® are rigged with our premium KLT® hooks. This gives the added benefit of a non-offset point, which further promotes jaw or mouth hook ups. The combination of a chemically sharpened point and the slippery PTFE coating aids with penetration, even on the toughest, boniest jaws like snapper.

How to fish with Snapper Snacks®

Despire being called a Snapper Snack®, these rigs can catch just about anything. Anglers have landed snapper, dhufish, samson fish, tarakihi, kingfish, and gurnard.


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