Spiral Snaps

Lure, jig and rig changes are quick and easy with our spiral snaps.

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Quickly does it

Our premium, easy to use, quick change snaps make changing your lure, jig or rig super easy. Particularly ideal for trout fishing, when you need to do a lightning fast lure change to land the fish you just saw swimming down the river. They're coated black on purpose, as a bright swivel can scare away fish, especially easily spooked species like trout.

What you need to know

Brown Trout species guide

Brown trout have a reputation for being crafty and difficult to catch. They’re far more wary than rainbow trout and they are the most difficult of the trout species to deceive.

Rainbow Trout species guide

Rainbow trout are not fussy about which time of day they like to be out feeding, however, night time can be a good time to target bigger fish, as they come closer to shore.

Spinning for trout

With the right gear and knowledge, spinning is a great way to spend a day on the river target trout


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