Supple Trace

Ideal for tying a good, strong knot due to its supple construction and low diameter.

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Supple and sensitive.

With more stretch than Tough Trace, it delivers a high level of shock absorption making it ideal for fishing with J or suicide hooks.

It's more supple nature means its easier to tie knots with, even in the heavier weights (thicker diameters).

Its construction, from Japanese copolymers, delivers a high level of abrasion resistance and while its not as clear as Tough Trace, its still achieves a good level of invisibility in most water conditions.

What you need to know

Sandy locations

Supple Trace has a good level of abrasion resistance, and is ideal for fishing over sandy bottoms, or from the beach where it won't come into contact with too much structure. But it will easily handle some abrasion from your fish without breaking.

How to choose the right leader

Match the features and weight of your leader to your target species, your fishing style and the environment you're fishing in. Fishing with the right leader can make all the difference when it comes to hooking and landing your fish.


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