Tough Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon boasts a superior level of abrasion resistance, making it ideal for targeting tough fighting fish, particularly around reefs and other structure.

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Fluorocarbon, by nature and construction, is stronger and more abrasion resistant than monofilament. This means it can withstand more impact from any structure your fish is trying to hide amongst, and damage from the teeth, jaws, and body of your fish.

The material used to make fluorocarbon leader is ultra clear. It will disappear when in the water, which makes it ideal for fishing in clear water where fish will have high visibility. This is also useful when you’re targeting species that spook easily, as it improves the presentation of your lure, rig, or bait.

Fluorocarbon has a high level of sensitivity due to the low level of stretch. This means you receive feedback from your leader quickly when a fish takes your bait. This lower stretch is also advantageous with hook sets as stretch in the line can create slack enabling a fish to shake or spit out the hook.

What you need to know


With the heavier weights of fluorocarbon, where the line diameter is thicker, it can be harder to tie certain knots. This is because it’s made from a more dense and rigid material, with less suppleness. However, fluorocarbon responds well to crimping, which a lot of anglers do as it is a much stronger connection method, particularly as added security when targeting game species.


Match the features and weight of your leader to your target species, your fishing style and the environment you're fishing in. Fishing with the right leader can make all the difference when it comes to hooking and landing your fish.


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