Equalizer® and Twin Pin Pro Sets

Our world renowned Equalizer® is a specially designed gimbal and harness set, which allows you to apply maximum pressure to your fish without applying maximum pressure to your body.

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When you’re out there targeting big game fish like marlin, tuna and other billfish, hooking them is one thing, but landing them is another.

Sometimes you can be hooked up to these fish for hours, and our Equalizer® is the ultimate stand up system for fighting fish over a period of time. Its patented design of the gimbal and harness, maximise leverage by utilising your whole body, and increases comfort and blood circulation during long battles. The split harness sits under your thighs and around your lower back reducing pressure points on your body.

Our world famous Equalizer® is designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best materials available. All Equalizer® and Twin Pin Pro sets comes with a gimbal plate, harness belt, drop strap belt and a carry bag.

What you need to know


Our gimbal plates are manufactured from light weight yet robust molded and contoured plastic, eliminating extra weight and bulk. The plates incorporate sports technology for increased comfort and better blood circulation during long fights. The unique design of the gimbal eliminates sideways movement when under load, especially in sloppy seas. Our original Equalizer® is designed for straight butt rods, but with an adaptor, it can be used for bent butt rods. Our Twin Pin Pro gimbal has a pin at the front and rear of the rod bucket, making it ideal for both straight and bent butt rods.


Our harnesses are lightweight and their padding conforms to your shape. You can wear it all day, then simply slip on the gimbal plate when you get a strike. The harness is split into 2 padded sections - this distributes the pressure and strain of the fish over a wider section of your body, reducing pressure points and body fatigue during the fight. The harness is available in 3 sizes - small, standard and XL


Ensure your Equalizer® is correctly fitted to maximise the benefits. Check out our quick video guide on how to wear your gimbal and harness, and how to fish with it.


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