KL Series hooks

The original Black Magic recurve hook, with a straight eye and an offset point.

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Solid and dependable

When you're fishing in deeper water or rough surf, or you just need a rock solid recurve hook that will get the job done, then our KL hook is up to the task. The recurve gape and point are designed to self hook when your fish tries to swim off with your bait, and most hook ups will be in the corner of the mouth which improves your chances of a safe and healthy catch and release. Made from a medium gauge high carbon steel wire, our KL hooks are strong. And the chemically sharpened point assists with penetration by reducing the amount of friction created.

What you need to know

Available in black and red

The black hooks have a lacquer coating which makes it harder for the fish to spot. Ideal if you want to fish in stealth mode for easily spooked species. The alternative red over gold hook adds a flash of colour to your bait that can help induce a strike from your target fish.

Choosing the right hook

The right hook can be the difference between success and failure. There things to consider when choosing your hook including your fishing style, target species and fishing location.


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