Spinmax lures

The lifelike weighted body, treble hook and spinning blade provide action and vibration to entice nearby fish

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Spinmax lures are long inline spinner style lures. They have a spinning blade at the front (off the nose) which is where most of the action comes from. The blade is harmonically tuned to attract nearly fish. The well-weighted body which spins, and a high UV crystal flash tail, combine to create flash and movement, making them are highly effective when targeting trout in lakes, rivers and streams. The brighter coloured lures seem to get rainbow trout particularly aggressive, whereas the classic black and gold is a must for brown trout in rivers. A great choice in dirty water because of the vibration and slower movement.

What you need to know

Quality componentry

The strong split rings and chemically sharpened treble hook ensure a durable, quality lure. Simply tie your mainline to the swivel and you're ready to fish.

Spinning for trout

Black Magic Pro Team member, Blair Whiting, is an experienced freshwater angler. He's shared his tips, advice, and insights into spinning for trout, to help you have a successful day on the river.


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