Tough Trace

Ticks every box for a strong, durable, sensitive leader, that will tolerate punishment from long fights.

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Tough, tough, tough.

Our Tough Trace is ideal for pretty much any saltwater fishing environment or method, but it comes into own when you're fishing around any sort of structure. The high level of abrasion resistance means it can tolerate coming into contact with rocks, markers, or any underwater structure, as well as chafing in the fish's mouth during long battles. It can handle the shock loads from big hits from species like kingfish and tuna, because it has more stretch than fluorocarbon. It's also more supple, which can help your lures, bait or soft baits swim more naturally.

What you need to know

Clear as day

Tough Trace is made from clear Japanese copolymers. It achieves low visiblity when in the water, which aids with natural lure or bait presentation. But it comes into its element in low light conditions, murky water and when fishing at night.

How to choose the right leader

Match the features and weight of your leader to your target species, your fishing style and the environment you're fishing in. Fishing with the right leader can make all the difference when it comes to hooking and landing your fish.


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