C Point® Series hooks

A classic suicide hook with a bent back eye, our C Point® hooks combine precision chemical sharpening with a high tech point that features a smaller barb and 3 micro cutting edges.

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Finer. Sharper. Stronger.

We've combined the best quality high carbon steel from Japan with a black nickel coating and precision chemical sharpening to create the C Point® hook. These hooks are perfect for any kind of fishing, but the bent back eye on our C Point® hooks makes them ideal for snelled rig set ups as it keeps the hook sitting vertically against your leader.

What you need to know

3 micro cutting edges

The point of this hook is pretty special. It has a smaller barb and the point has 3 grooves, or micro cutting edges as we like to call them, cut into it. This delivers a finer and sharper point, which creates less friction as it penetrates your fish. This means you don't have to strike as hard to set your hook.

Black nickel coating

Our C Point® hooks are finished with a black nickel coating. This protects the steel wire from corrosion, extending the life of your hook.

Choosing the right hook

The right hook can be the difference between success and failure. There are things to consider when choosing your hook including your fishing style, target species, and fishing location.


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