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Landing Nets

Don't lose that fish. Our short, medium and telescopic landing nets are designed to help you land that catch.

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Robust and lightweight

Our range of landing nets are made from lightweight corrosion resistant materials with rubber coated nets, which helps avoid snags and protects your fish.They even float in case you decide to chuck it overboard.

What you need to know

Short handle net

Ideal for freshwater fishing, or fishing off small boats, jetskis and kayaks. Our small landing net has an elastic bungee cord and belt clip, so you can carry the net with you while you chase your fish along the riverbank.

Medium landing net

The retractable handle makes our medium landing net the ideal boat net. It retracts down to 1 meters in length, making it easier to store on the boat, but extends out to 1.6 meters so you can safely land that next big fish.

Telescopic landing net

Our biggest landing net is lightweight and can break down for easy storage. It extends to just over 2.15 meters making it ideal for fishing on the boat and landbased fishing, so you don't have to clamber down into the water to reach your fish.


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