Sunakku (“soo-nar-koo”) sliding jig

Designed for maximum visibility in medium to deep water

  • Large iridescent reflective foil eyes and a luminous head with a crackle paint finish
  • Long life Japanese ‘high glow’ lumo bead
  • Free-flowing skirts with a combination of lumo and UV content
  • High carbon steel, PTFE coated Black Magic Japanese hooks
  • Rigged with Kelvar® thread on a small solid ring
  • Four head weights to choose from – 60g, 80g, 100g and 130g
  • Available in five colour options

Rigged for success

The Sunakku sliding jig is a culmination of extensive in-house design, development, and on the water testing.

  • Large custom designed head with strong luminous properties
  • Shape of the head in conjunction with the skirt creates an effective “wiggle” to the lure when drifting
  • Sliding head allows the head to move up your leader, which greatly reduces the amount of leverage the fish can get making it more difficult to “throw” the hook
  • Skirts are free flowing providing an enticing swimming action
  • The hook rig consists of a small but strong solid ring, Kelvar® thread and two Sunakku hooks developed in Black Magic’s Japanese factories
  • The hooks are PTFE coated which greatly reduces corrosion and extends the life of the hook
  • The four head weights (60g, 80g, 100g and 130g) allow you to choose one that suits the depth you’re in or the speed of your drift

The ultimate Sunakku combo

For best results use Sunakku with at least 1 metre of Black Magic 20 to 40lb Tough Fluorocarbon leader coupled with Black Magic 16 to 30lb Rainbow Braid Elite 8x

Setup 1

16lb Rainbow Braid Elite 8x line and 20lb Tough Fluorocarbon leader with the 60g, 80g and 100g Sunakku’s.

Setup 2

30lb Rainbow Braid Elite 8x line and 40lb Tough Fluorocarbon leader with the 80g, 100g and 130g Sunakku’s.

You can also use a Black Magic UV Torch to charge up the lumo finish on your Sunakku lure which in turn enhances their visibility in water.

Tips and techniques 

How to rig your Sunakku

  • Your leader passes through the head, bead and skirt before being tied to a solid ring on the hook rig
  • When a fish strikes, the head will slide up the leader which reduces the amount of leverage the fish can get, making it more difficult to “throw”

How to fish with Sunakku

If you haven’t fished this type of product before, it’s generally most effective when you’re drifting, and in deeper water (20 to 100m). Cast up ahead of the drift, allow the jig to hit the bottom and slowly wind/retrieve the lure, giving it the odd “yo-yo” as it comes in. When you’re about 1/3 of the way up, free spool the lure back to the bottom and repeat until the lure is past the boat at about 30 to 45 degrees. When you feel bites, just continue to wind slowly as the fish will more than likely strike at it several times if it doesn’t hook up immediately. You can also add small slivers of bait, like a thin piece of squid tentacle, if you want to.