Key features

  • In this book you will receive GPS locations for 150 proven fishing spots in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf
  • There is also a screenshot image taken from a fish finder to show you the bottom structure, as well as an above surface photo

Fishing style

  • Each spot includes GPS co-ordinates as well information on tides, weather, rigs and how to fish each spot

Extract from Introduction section of book: Fish seldom remain in the same spot for any length of time due to seasonal changes, tide strength and direction, moon phases, and the like, but the key to finding them is understanding habitat and knowing how to use the depth sounder/chart plotter to your best advantage.

All the screenshots in this book have been taken from the author’s Furuno TZ Touch chart plotter sounder which has some unique patented features such as bottom discrimination (showing the type of bottom, i.e. rock, mud, sand) as well as AccuFish, which displays the length of any fish that goes directly through the middle of the transducer, as well as showing fish marks in the normal way that are outside the middle of the beam.

The fish that go through the middle of the transducer beam are shown as fish symbols, both on the sounder and the chart plotter, making it easier to go back to them, or when soft baiting or jigging it is perfect to work out a drift pattern and depth to target them. Written by Bruce Duncan

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