Catch more whiting with our purpose made rigs…

Utilising Black Magic’s high-quality components, these rigs give you the edge when targeting Whiting or small reef fish. Whether fishing from the rocks, beach, jetty or boat, if that bigger than expected fish hooks up, you want tackle that can handle it!

Check out the range below…

Whiting Snatcher®

  • Two hook paternoster rig
  • Legendary KL recurve hooks
  • UV crystal flash and red lumo beads
  • 15lb Tough Fluorocarbon
  • 4 colour options

Sandy Snatcher®

  • Two hook paternoster rig
  • Long shank hooks
  • Red lumo tubes and beads
  • 15lb Tough Fluorocarbon
  • 1/2oz sinker included
  • 3 sizes

Whiting Whacker®

  • Two single hook running rigs
  • Legendary KL recurve hooks
  • UV crystal flash and red lumo beads
  • 15lb Tough Fluorocarbon
  • 4 colour options

Learn how to catch Whiting

Don’t just take our word for it

“Tried the Black Magic Whiting Whackers and they worked a treat. The KL circle hooks made for a quick change over during a hot bite thanks to lip hooking all of the fish.”

Mic Brittain

“I purchased a Black Magic Whiting Gift Pack, and used the Whiting Whacker and Whiting Snatcher rigs. Quality products guys. Boat next to us 4 metres away were using other rigs and not one fish. We got our bag limit in 2 hours.”

Giovanni Palmieri

“We fished 3 out of 4 days over the long weekend and got our boat limit each trip. Black Magic Whiting Rigs were on fire!”

Gino Petruzzella

“The Sandy Snatcher rig is so good. I have been catching so many different species on it.”

James Matarazzo

“When the whiting hit the bait they get hooked so good. The Black Magic KL is the only hook I use for whiting”

James Bulte

Other popular choices

  • Legendary recurve hook
  • Lip-hooks most fish
  • Offset point
  • Fish hook themselves
  • Ideal whiting sizes: 06 – 1/0
  • Long shank hook
  • Micro barbs to hold bait in place
  • Offset design
  • Strike when you feel a bite
  • Recommended sizes: 06 – 01
  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Nearly invisible in water
  • Extreme abrasion resistance
  • Great knot strength
  • Recommended sizes: 10lb – 15lb
Black Magic Whiting Gift Pack
  • Great value for money, contains:
  • Two Whiting Snatcher rigs
  • Two Sandy Snatcher rigs
  • One Whiting Whacker rigs
  • Squid Snatcher® (to catch bait)
  • KL 01 hooks economy pack
  • Rolling swivels small pack
  • Spool of Tough Fluorocarbon leader/tippet
  • Black Magic towel

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