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The Most Proven Flasher Rigs…

Quality Japanese made Black Magic hooks 

World-Class Black Magic leader 

Hand-Rigged in New Zealand for quality control 

Advanced knots, batch tested for strength 

Extreme UV and/or lumo materials for unequalled visibility 

Huge range of styles, colours & sizes 



Time and time again we get asked what it is that makes our rigs so effective. The answer is simple…


We give you quality components, hand-rigging from New Zealand, extensive product testing and a focus on quality control with every rig.


Black Magic Snapper Snatcher KL recurve circle hook range
  • self-hooking – great for kids and anglers of all skill levels
  • can be placed in the rod holder and left alone, great when using multiple rods
  • ideal for rods that have integrated tip technology (bendy rod)
Black Magic Snapper Snatcher Suicide Octopus hook range
  • designed for those who like to strike
  • great for more experienced fisherman and/or shallower water when you can feel your bites easily
  • ideal for stiffer rod types that have a hard action



Black Magic Snatchers are designed to provide a simple and reliable method for fishing from boats and the shore. Simply tie the swivel to your mainline, tie a loop knot at the bottom end and loop around a sinker so you can change the weight without retying the knot, then just add bait and you’re away.  Drop down from your boat or cast from the shore and you’ll be attracting fish in no time.

Tie the knot close to the bottom hook as snapper are bottom feeders. The bottom hook will often be the first to get ‘hit’. Use a loop or granny knot to thread around your sinker, this will make it easier to switch should wind/tide change.

Although the Black Magic Snatcher rigs are quick to catch a lot of pan-sized snapper, they’re also irresistible for a vast amount of species, including large predatory fish such as kingfish. Should these large fish turn up, make sure you’re ready with a well suited mainline and rod/reel combo. We’re not saying to fish with 50lb braid and lock your drag system. We suggest you fish these rigs with a balanced rod and reel spooled with 8-12kg mainline. This will give you enough play to land your trophy snapper, kingfish or other large specimens when they hook up.

big snapper on snapper snatcher flasher rig jewfish on snapper snatcher flasher rig

It’s often easy enough to catch fresh baitfish if you’re in a half-decent spot. Just drop over a Black Magic or Wasabi Bait sabiki with small baits and let them sink to the bottom…If you’re lucky you should start catching baitfish soon. Cutting these fish into small chunks or strips to use as bait on your flasher rig will be deadly. Shop bought bait is ok too, just avoid bait which has thawed out and been refrozen.

The point of the hook should be well exposed allowing easy penetration into your quarry’s mouth.

bait on snapper snatcher flasher rig

Doubling up on bait is a great method so long as you leave the hook’s barb well exposed.

Once a fish is hooked, sometimes if you leave it down there for 5-10 seconds, another fish will jump on the other hook. Be careful though, as the first one may get away. Note: Our Terakihi Terror and Terakihi Terminator Snatcher’s are three hook rigs. Give yourself a pat on the back if you can catch a full set of fish on these rigs.

full set on one fishing rig flasher rig

Each Black Magic Snatcher is wrapped around a sabiki foam holder before packaging. Don’t throw it away. They are a very handy storage tool for your rig. Simply wash your rig down under freshwater once finished with, dry it in the sun and then wind it back around the foam holder. If looked after, you will get several trips out of the one rig.

Giving the lumo bead and flasher skirts a charge with a UV Torch will add to the attractiveness of this rig, especially when fishing in low light or deep water. Make sure you have a UV torch handy, as they are a secret little weapon which will help you outperform other anglers on any given day.

glowing UV lumo snapper snatcher flasher rigs

If using this rig off a surf beach, which is highly recommended, use a wired sand grip sinker to hold your rig firmly in the turbulent conditions. Utilising Black Magic’s Bait Buddy (Bait cotton) will also help keep softer baits on the hook, e.g. tuatuas or pilchard pieces.

Since the release of the original Black Magic Snapper Snatcher range, a lot of copies have appeared on the market. Most of these are cheap imitations rigged offshore and therefore have no grasp on quality control. They catch the angler, but do they catch and hold trophy fish? Many people have tried to answer that question by trying the vast variety of flasher rigs out there but they soon come full circle to the original Black Magic range due to our consistent level of quality.

snapper snatcher being tested


If you are a snapper fisherman and you have never tied on a Black Magic Snapper Snatcher you are seriously missing out on an amazing snapper rig. I have been using Black Magic Snapper Snatchers for the past six years in my spread and from the first time I started using them I have found instant success.

A Snapper Snatcher is a pre-made rig made by New Zealand tackle company Black Magic. It consists of two Black Magic KL recurve hooks (very similar to circle hooks) that are tied on two dropper loops on Black Magic leader with a barrel swivel at the top for connecting to your mainline. The hooks are dressed with luminescent nylon feathers and are topped with a lumo bead. Snapper Snatchers are hand tied in New Zealand and the knots they use and the quality control is outstanding.

I have used multiple Snapper Snatchers from Black Magic over the years and I have never had one fail or look like it was tied carelessly. They are always presented beautifully straight out of the pack and very easy to out from the pack and rig on your line as they’re presented on a very manageable piece of rigid foam.

It’s important to note that one of the key elements that make them so successful are Black Magic’s hooks. While Black Magic is out of NZ, all their hooks are Japanese chemically sharpened, carbon steel of the highest quality. The hooks are sharp, have excellent penetration even on light drag settings and do no fail on heavy drag settings.

The best way I have found to fish Snapper Snatchers is to add small strips of squid to the hooks and deploy them straight down from the side of the boat and lift them a metre off the bottom. Rigging them on a stiff rod allows the natural rocking action of the boat to gently work them up and down without the rod absorbing movement; the boat can create this movement with the rod in the rod holder or by the angler slowly lifting. The beauty of the KL hooks is that the snapper hook themselves right in the jaw which results in rarely if any fish lost or lost rigs and it’s far easier to remove the hook. The KL hooks also cause far less damage to the fish if you are releasing them. While that is the way I personally fish them it isn’t the only way. They can be cast our away from the boat and will work just as well as the droppers float and waft around the current.

These rigs are a simple design and are the highest quality. They are very economical for the materials used and you don’t lose them easily. If you’re not already using them I highly recommend buying a few.

Kosta Linardos