Project Description

The Black Magic Pro Team is made up of experienced anglers from all over New Zealand and Australia, who excel in both fresh and salt water fishing. They’ve put together a list of their tips and advice for those wanting to get into fishing, or looking to learn more about a specific style of fishing.

The most common piece of advice is to start with the basics.

1. What species do you want to catch?

  • Where are the best fishing spots?
  • Some species are easier to catch at certain times of the year i.e. when they’re spawning
  • Is there a time of day that is the best time to target them i.e. first thing in the morning during the change of light (from night to day)?
  • When you’ve identified some good fishing spots – what is the environment like? Are you going to fishing near underwater rocks, off the beach etc – this will help you identify what gear you might need
  • What are the best methods to target your chosen species i.e. lures, soft baits, livebaits etc
  • Are there size and catch limits in your area?

You can chat to other anglers, join fishing pages on social media, talk to or join your local fishing club, research online by watching YouTube videos or fishing websites, or reading fishing magazines.

Here are a few of our favourite places to get information:

The Fishing Website –

Hooked Up –

You can buy fishing guides and maps to help you identify the best places to go fishing. Check out for New Zealand guides and maps, or for Australian guides and maps.

Also make sure you check out your local fishing authority website to understand if you need a licence to go fishing, and to know what the size and catch limits are in your area.

New Zealand –


Queensland –

Victoria –

South Australia –

Tasmania –

Western Australia –

Northern Territory –

2. Learn some basic fishing techniques including:

  • how to tie knots
  • how to set up your rod and reel
  • how to handle fish when you catch them
  • how to bait hooks
  • what gear you’ll need to fish for your target species
  • how to use the gear you need

Check out our Fishing Hub for loads of useful information, otherwise YouTube is a great source of information.

3. Spend time on the water

  • Practice casting or whatever technique you’re using without the pressure of trying to catch a fish
  • There are casting clinics you can attend to teach you the right techniques, and you can practice on land before hitting the water
  • But spending time on the water, getting used to all your gear, the environment and just practicing is the most valuable way to learn

4. Are you going to keep the fish you catch, or release them back into the water?

  • If you plan to keep fish you’ve caught, learn how to handle them, kill them humanely, store them, fillet them and cook them.
  • If you plan to release them, learn the best way to handle them so they have the optimal chance of survival when you put them back in the water. There are also certain fishing techniques that will give you a better chance of a safe release than others, including using circle hooks versus J hooks

5. Practice. Practice. Practice.

  • You’ll learn so much from trial and error, and will quickly figure out what works for you and what doesn’t
  • Enjoy the adventure – catching a fish is a bonus

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