Project Description

Black Magic’s new Hyperglide® 13x is the latest addition to our range of high performance braids. With an impressive suite of features, Hyperglide® is designed to deliver the smoothest and longest cast you’ll ever experience.

Key features

  • A 13 carrier braid, constructed from 12 Japanese PE fibres which are woven around a strong central core, creating a very smooth line that retains its roundness
  • The braid glides silently through the guides, and with no extra effort, you’ll find your distance is greater than what you’d experience with a standard braid
  • The round structure delivers less friction and a better shaped line off the spool, and therefore more distance in each cast
  • It also means less drag as it sinks down through the water column giving improved lure presentation and a higher level of sensitivity
  • The range starts at an ultra-fine PE 0.4 (8lb) and tops out at a sturdy PE 8.0 (80lb)
  • Whether your chasing Trout in the Tekapo canals, Squid fishing, soft baiting, casting micro-jigs, or hurling topwater lures at fast moving schools of fish, Hyperglide® 13x will give you an edge. It allows you to hit targets that are further away and to simply cover more ground with each cast
  • The ‘Tekapo Blue’ colour makes it less visible in water, perfect for easily spooked fish, be it Trout, Squid, Kingfish or other target species

Fishing style

  • Recommended for casting lures, jigging and bait fishing in fresh or salt water
  • 8lb, 10lb and 12lb weights are recommended when targeting fish like Trout, Salmon, Squid and Bream as casting distance and sensitivity are important
  • 16lb, 20lb and 30lb weights are recommended for heavier lures in fresh or salt water 
  • 50lb and 80lb weights are ideally suited for top water casting in salt water, especially when longer casts are critical to hit distant/fast moving schools of tuna without scaring them off 

Trout living in the beautiful Tekapo canal system are smart, and have seen every lure and bait under the sun, so it’s important to present your bait or lure as naturally as possible, to encourage a strike.

Hyperglide® 13x Braid’s fine diameter delivers a long, smooth cast allowing you to hit your target and deliver your bait or lure quickly to the bottom in a natural motion.

The canal floor is littered with rocks, trees and other structure, and Hyperglide®‘s round core wrapped in 12 fibres, gives you the strength and confidence to take on the big ones even in tricky terrain.

Hyperglide® is ideal for freshwater fishing when casting distance and accuracy are important. The round structure of the braid is designed to deliver a longer, smoother cast, helping you to accurately hit targets that are further away.

The ‘Tekapo Blue’ colour makes it less visible in water, and the thin diameter delivers less drag or friction in the water meaning a more natural lure presentation, which are perfect for easily spooked fish like Trout.

“Trout are generally very line shy; they notice some things many other fish wouldn’t. So putting a brightly coloured braid over the top of them tends to only scare them. The light blue colour blends in with a blue sky when looking up. It also doesn’t look out of place when looking upstream underwater, as most of the waters I fish have a slight blue tinge, and the braid combines perfectly with this.” – Blair Whiting, Black Magic Pro Team member

The smooth, round structure of Hyperglide® delivers long, accurate casts allowing you to drop your lure right where it needs to be. The thin diameter allows your lure to sink naturally through the water column and be drifted past your target without creating drag or friction in the water.

These features make Hyperglide® ideal for easily spooked Bream, who will run for cover at the first sign of trouble.

“Having the ability to cast beyond them and be stealth in doing so is the key” – Cara Cummings, Black Magic Pro Team member and WIRF Leader

Casting distance is vital when fishing from a stationary position i.e. a wharf or anchored boat. Hyperglide® 13x Braid delivers a longer, smoother cast due to its round structure and fine diameter.

Longer casts allow you to hit targets that are further away and to simply cover more ground with each cast.

The ‘Tekapo Blue’ colour of the braid, combined with the fine diameter and round structure, offer a more natural lure presentation, and fall through the water column with less resistance than bulkier, flatter braids.

Lightly weighted jigheads are not the most aerodynamic thing to cast. With Hyperglide’s® round structure and fine diameter you get less friction meaning better shaped line off the spool and through the guides. This ensures a long, smooth cast with less air knots and more time in the zone to work your lures. This, coupled with Hyperglide’s® increased level of sensitivity, means you will stay connected to your lure and feel even the smallest bites.

The … thing I noticed was the increased sensitivity. I was able to feel even the smallest of touches, and set the lure accordingly,” – Ethan Neville, New Zealand Fishing News

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The further you can cast, the longer your lure or bait will stay in the hit zone. Hyperglide’s® smooth round structure is designed to deliver long, accurate casts, as well as less noise and air knots while gliding through the guides to your target. The 12 Japanese PE fibres, woven around a strong central core, gives Hyperglide® a robustness that hold its own against tough fighting species like Snapper, Kingfish and Tuna.

“The super thin diameter prevents unwanted drag in the water and the breaking strain is well over what the packaging states, meaning you can put some real hurt on the fish when needed without worrying about the line breaking. But my favourite thing about Hyperglide® is how super smooth it is for casting – it’s by far the smoothest I’ve ever used, you can barely feel the line coming off your reel which means you can cast a lot further with less weight” – Jacob Willets @jacobfishing_nz

“Hyperglide® is really smooth, with no effort casting as it glides through the guides reaching those hard to get places with its long distance capabilities” – Michelle Brittain @shells_saltliving_

“Winter fishing and weather conditions are an unpredictable mix, yet casting was a breeze with the Hyperglide®. Even with the challenging winds, the distance and accuracy of each cast was a winner. Both tangle and knot free, it wasn’t long before the squid were on!”  – Cara Cummings @codandyella