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This article has been written by Black Magic Pro Team member Sam Boothroyd. Sam is an experienced fresh and saltwater angler based in Nelson, New Zealand. You can follow Sam on Instagram and or check out his profile on our website

Black Magic freshwater lures and spinners, in particular, the Spinmax, Enticer and BMax lures, are a highly versatile and effective range of lures that can suit most situations and environments you will find on freshwater rivers and lakes.

I’ve personally used all three of these lures to target Brown and Rainbow Trout, mostly at the top of the South Island (NZ) with amazing success. I’ve found that all three lures do have certain situations in which they are not only better suited to, but excel.

Enticer lures

The Enticer is a classic lure style that has been used to target Trout, for as long as anyone can remember, and Black Magic’s version fits this category perfectly.

These lures are perfect to use in faster moving water. I frequently use Enticer lures throughout rapids as well as above and below, as faster moving water usually means the Trout are in a more predatory mode and are used to having to chase their prey. The movement and flow of the water makes the Enticer lure look like a small baitfish drifting downstream.

My other reason for using the Enticer in fast moving water is it allows me to keep the lure off the bottom away from snags as I’m usually winding fairly quickly.

This lure seems to work particularly well when the fish are feeding hard as the fast movement and flutter really gets them going.

Another technique I’ve recently found effective when fishing with the Enticers is to cast into deeper pools below rapids and to just let it sink almost to the bottom before winding. This gives the fish waiting in the pool a chance to see the fluttering spinner before you wind it into action.

12g ‘Rainbow Trout’ Enticer

Spinmax lures

By far the most effective lure I’ve used for Trout fishing is the Spinmax range which can be fished in lakes, rivers and streams in almost all sections.

When using these lures my little trick is to do one quick wind to get the lure into action, then I tend to work it a lot slower as the spinning action will continue with very little movement.

Brighter colors seem to get Rainbow Trout particularly aggressive whereas the classic black and gold is a must for rivers with Brown Trout as they simply can’t get enough.

Spinmax lures are also a great choice in dirty water as the vibration and slower movement usually knocks the Trout into a feeding frenzy.

A feature I’m really a fan of is the feathers on the hook which adds another layer to this already unique lure.

4.6 ‘Blinky’ Spinmax

BMax50 and BMax60 lures

Recently I’ve been using both the BMax 50 and BMax 60 lures – these are a hard body lure, more like a rapala style lure. I’ve been blown away by just how effective and fun they are to use.

Fishing for Trout with these lures is really unique and an epic way to chase Trout in most environments, and in particular, those deeper spots where spinners often can’t get down to.

Another awesome part of fishing with these lures is that often you will get to see the bite right on the surface and only the other day I had a trout quite literally smash the lure out of the water by my feet.

These lures can be worked at any speed which allows fishing in all depths and often the bite will come almost the moment you wind with these lures as their action appears to be almost incomparable to that of a wounded fish.

‘Hot Head’ BMax50

‘Goldie’ BMax60

Each one of these lures is a must have in your tackle box and any time the fishing gets slow it’s definitely worth mixing it up with a BMax or Spinmax lure to try and entice the bite. I really can’t speak highly enough of them in terms of quality and effectiveness.