Project Description

Fishing with Black Magic Snapper Snack rigs has proven deadly since releasing them to the market last year. We’ve received a load of great feedback from anglers in New Zealand and Australia.

If you’re wanting to learn more about the design features of the Snapper Snack, click here. Otherwise, watch the video and then read on for our quick tips to help you have more success when fishing with this simple to use rig.


Tip 1: Use thin bait strips

thin strip of swuid bait on rig

Snapper Snacks are best fished with a thin strip of bait to maintain the natural swimming action of the skirt. Fresh squid and thin strip baits are a great choice. Just make sure the hook’s barbs are well exposed.

Tip 2: Avoid striking at bites

holding fishing rod

Don’t strike when you feel a fish bite, just lift your rod tip steadily and start a slow wind. Snapper Snacks are rigged with inline recurve KLT hooks which will self-hook, usually in the corner of the mouth.

Tip 3: Don’t panic after hook up

two fish caught at same time on one rig

When you know you have a fish on, don’t panic, just wind in steadily and slowly. You might score a second fish while close to the bottom as Snapper Snacks are a two hook rig and ‘double headers’ were very common during tackle testing.

Tip 4: Adjust sinker position

fishermen holding gear rig

Tie your sinker close to the bottom hook. This will ensure that your baits are as close to the sea floor as possible. Snapper and a lot of other species feed on the bottom so having your bait close to the bottom is essential.

Tip 5: Try different tactics

fishing next to shore from boat

Mix it up and try different tactics. Snapper Snacks are very versatile and can be fished while anchored or on the drift. They can also be fished from the shore, as they are great for casting.

Tip 6: Wash your rigs

washing down fishing equipment

Wash your Snapper Snack rigs after using them. Although they are rigged with PTFE coated KLT hooks which are highly rust resistant, it is always best to wash them down to increase their lifespan.

Tip 7: Charge up the UV and lumo

high UV and lumo fishing gear snapper snack

Every colour in the Snapper Snack range has a high amount of UV and lumo content. If you are fishing in deep water or at night time, try charging up the skirts with a UV torch, this will make your Snapper Snack glow extremely bright and for longer period.

Tip 8: Target more than just snapper

Although Snapper Snacks were designed to catch snapper, they have and they will continue to catch a vast amount of other species in New Zealand and Australian waters. The 3/0 size is rigged with 60lb trace and 5/0 and 7/0 sizes are rigged with 80lb leader, so no matter what you’re targeting or what your bycatch is, you have a solid chance of winning the battle.

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