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The authors, Brendan Hogg and Karl Wilkinson run a Facebook Fishing Group for Kayak Fisherman in Victoria – Krakkayakkaz.

Hello fisho’s, we’re the Krakka Yakkaz and today we’ll be talking to you about the locations we target snapper around Melbourne on our kayaks. These spots will be great for boat anglers too, enjoy.

Early Season (August – September) Snapper Fishing Locations in Victoria

Snapper fishing locations indicated above are relative.

  • Black Rock, Port Phillip Bay

  • Ricketts Point, Port Phillip Bay

  • Lang Lang, Western Port

  • Grantville, Western Port

  • Bouchier Channel, Western Port

We fish a number of different locations around Port Phillip Bay and Western Port areas. We choose our locations due to spawning times, water temperature and weather conditions. Early season from August to September we fish areas such as Ricketts Point, Black Rock area due to snapper coming in close to spawn (“Before fishing the area just make sure you are up to date with the current rules and regulations. There is a marine park that is clearly marked by marker poles which you are not allowed to fish in. Also it is a nursery for small fish so make sure you know the size and bag limits of fish you are targeting.” – Fishing Monthly).

Also we will fish the top end of Western Port launching out of Tooradin, Lang Lang or Grantville and fishing in the channels as it is shallow water so the water temp is warmer. There are some great size snapper to be caught at this time of year. When we fish these locations we use a running sinker rig on one rod and a paternoster rig on another. We find the Black Magic rigs are perfect for setting up and leaving in a rod holder as they’re designed to hook fish themselves which allows us to focus on our rod with running sinker rig.

Our specific gear for these locations (August – Sept):

We tend to use lighter gear due to less tide flow in these further inland areas, so we will use a 6 – 8kg rod and a 5000 size reel.

We use Black Magic 30lb Rainbow Braid Elite with 60lb Fluorocarbon leader because we love the quality and we like to know where we are in terms of depth.

For the running sinker rig we use Black Magic KLT 6/0 hooks, and the paternoster rigs we choose are Black Magic Snapper Snacks or Snapper Snatchers with the KL hooks in size 5/0. On the paternoster rigs we use squid or Gotcha Bait pilchards for bait…or sometimes a bit of both.

Mid Season (September – Late October) Snapper Fishing Locations in Victoria

Snapper fishing locations indicated above are relative.

  • Hastings Channel, Western Port

  • Coronet Bay, Western Port

As the water temp rises past 14 degrees the snapper will start to spread out to deeper waters. At this point we will change our location to deeper water such as Hastings channel and Coronet Bay channel. We will fish with 50lb rainbow elite braid and 80lb florocarbon leader as the water is deeper with more tide and bigger bycatch. we will go to a paternoster rig with lumo beads to 7/0 KLT hooks on 1 rod and Snapper snatcher 6/0 or 5/0 snacks on the other. We will also go to a bigger bait such a half a pilchard or a full gotcha california squid.
Make sure your baits are on the bottom for the snapper so your sinker weight may need adjusting. We use 3 to 6 oz sinkers.

Our specific gear for these locations (Sept – Late Oct):

We will up size our rod size to a 6-10kg rod and our reel to a 6500 – 10000 size, this is to accompany the heavier braid and leader we need to use.

We up size to Black Magic 50lb Rainbow Braid Elite and 80lb Fluorocarbon leader because the water is deeper with more tide and there is also bigger bycatch available.

In the deeper water we will switch to two paternoster rigs as we like to have two baits down on each rod to increase our chances of a hook up. We will either tie our own paternoster rigs with KLT 7/0 hooks and lumo beads on the 80lb Fluorocarbon leader or use KL Snapper Snatchers in size 6/0-8/0 or Snapper Snacks in 5/0-7/0.  We will also go to a bigger bait such as a half a pilchard, butterflied yakka or a full Gotcha California squid.

Peak Season (October – Mid December) Snapper Fishing Locations in Victoria

Snapper fishing locations indicated above are relative.

  • Mount Martha, Port Phillip Bay

  • Mornington, Port Phillip Bay

  • Western Entrance Main Channel, Western Port (boat only)

  • Western Entrance between Flinders and Somers, Western Port (kayak and boat)

As the season is in full swing we like to try areas such as Mount Martha, Mornington and Western Entrance of Western Port. It is important to note that Western Entrance is a dangerous area to fish due to the high current, especially from a kayak. We do not fish the main channel, we instead fish between Flinders and Somers predominantly targeting water between 10-12m depth. We do more fishing at dawn or dusk to get target big snapper as they leave the bays for the day period.

Remember to always wear a life jacket!

Our specific gear for these locations (Oct – Mid Dec):

The fish feed hard as they are leaving for the open ocean so we tend to just use Black Magic Snapper Snacks in 5/0 – 7/0 or Snatchers in 6/0 – 8/0 as we’ve found the snapper during this time are far more attracted to the flashers and coloured rigs with bait compared to just a simple bait.

Still using a 6-10kg rod and our reel to a 6500 – 10000 size, with Black Magic 50lb Rainbow Braid Elite.

Kayak Gear Required to Land You A Big Snapper

  • A good quality and comfortable life jacket.
  • A good fish finder for your depth, reef and bait sign. This will help you locate the fish easier.
  • A good short handled landing net big enough to get a good red inside.
  • Good pair of pliers or hook remover for removing hooks from fish with ease.
  • U/V light to illuminate your flashers and lumo beads in the night.
  • Good size esky with ice to keep the fish fresh.
  • A good size fish handling towel.
  • Gotcha Bait and Berley 2kg log and Snapper magnets & pure pilchard berley.

So this is how our snapper season normally plays out. Best of luck in the upcoming season in Melbourne!

Jump on Krakka Yakkaz Fishing Vic facebook page as we’ll be running competitions where you’ll have to beat our best fish to be in to WIN!

“Yeah boy yeeewwwwoooo!” – Brendan and Karl